HD or Blu-Ray vs. upconversion

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  1. 5150

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    Here's a general question for anyone that has subscribed to the high-def format wars.

    I religiously use Anydvd, Clonedvd, and Nero Recode to backup my movies. I rip the entire 8.5 Gb disc with Clonedvd, minus any trailers etc. that I don't want. From there, in a second step, I send the files to Nero Recode to compress--using advanced analysis and high-quality mode for better compression. I have a rear-projection LCD tv (will only do up to 720p or 1080i) and my dvd player will up-convert to either 720p or 1080i. I usually use 720p and, in my opinion, the quality is superb.

    I understand that blu-ray and HD will play at 1080p with a compatible tv. For those of you that may have either HD DVD or Blu-Ray, how big of a difference do you feel exists between a true HD player vs. the cheaper way of upconversion? Is it worth the considerable monetary difference in upgrading?
  2. colinhunt

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    The difference is *huge*. Unless your television is 32-inch or smaller, there's simply no comparison. Upconversion is quite simply totally unable to create details out of nothing - it just can't be done.
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    upconverting does add up a but of quality to your disc its just simply not enough to compare to hd or blue ray, yet if you dont have the needed stuff then you wont experice hd as well .
  4. colinhunt

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    Exactly. I have a Crystalio II and an iScan VP-50 scalers, and upscaled DVDs just don't hold a candle to proper HD.