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  1. CrazyCaliGirl

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    Do you need to buy special media when backing up your HD DVD's or will the normal DVD-R's work?
  2. bk1987

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    right now there are no hd dvd burners except for a few toshiba laptops so right now you can back them up to hard drives, however you can backup the ripped files on dvd-r's with backup software like you would do with any file but you wont be able to play them back in a player, but this should change in time
  3. CrazyCaliGirl

    CrazyCaliGirl New Member

    So can I copy an HD DVD movie directly onto a normal DVD-R disk with AnyDVD HD and CloneDVD like I do my regular movies now ?
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  4. TM2-Megatron

    TM2-Megatron Well-Known Member

    No, CloneDVD doesn't yet work with HD discs. AnyDVD HD will rip the disc to your hard drive, and from there you can copy that data to a DVDR (or some of it, anyway; DVDs aren't exactly big enough to store the entirety of an HD-DVD). There are no tools yet that are able to transcode HD-DVD or Blu-Ray discs so they can fit on smaller discs. That'll take some time.
  5. captain_video

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    The file formats used by both HD-DVDs and BD discs are not recognizable by any of the consumer level applications that would allow you to split them up into smaller files for storage on blank DVD-R discs. There is no way to back up commercial HD-DVDs to recordable media other than ripping the files to a hard drive for playback. However, there are methods whereby you can create your own HD-DVDs from Hi-Def sources using Ulead's DVD Movie Factory 5 or 6, VideoReDo, and a couple of freeware utilities. The HD-DVDs are actually standard DVD-R discs that will play back in Hi-Def on any HD-DVD player. The entire process is outlined over at the AVS Forums in the HD DVD software section.

    I've been extracting HD content from my DirecTV HDTivos and my series 3 Tivos with FIOS and burning them to DVD-R for about a year now and the results are as good as the original broadcast HD program. I've gotten to where I'll backup a HD-DVD or BD disc for playback but if I want a permanant backup I'll wait until it comes to HBO or other HD channel on FIOS and then record it to DVD-R in HD.