HD-DVD to .MKV how is it done?

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    Hey guys

    i posted this over at the Doom9 forum, but for all the brains over there i have just short of 50 views, and no replies.

    does ANYONE know of a concise guide for how to encode HD-DVD rips into an MKV container? i am not a total noob, but not anywhere near as good as then people on Doom9 or on here.

    i would like to re-encode from 1080 to 720, but that might be pushing it.

    so there you go, can ANYONE help?


  2. toryglen-boy

    toryglen-boy Active Member

    EDIT :

    just so you know, i have had a look at the guide in the sticky's, but i am really wanting to know how to convert the video from 1080 to 720

    sorry for sounding like an n00b

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