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  1. basser

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    hello everyone...my first post here...
    i have ripped my hddvd disks to my hard drive, using anydvd ripper...im playing them back using power dvd ultra...and i cannot get rid of the subtitles....no matter what i try ,they wont go...i can change the language selection to french /spanish etc..but theres no way to stop them while the films playing...any help would be appreciated.
  2. James

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    Time to write a letter to Cyberlink support... they forgot the "subtitle off" option when cycling through subtitles.
  3. djh901

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    Subtitles Problems

    After ripping with anydvd Hd to a hard drive, I deleated everything but the largest file. Now when I play just the hd file I no longer have any subtitle problems, that seemed to be an issue with the xbox player when using cyberlink. :D
  4. species8472

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    Bring up the HD-DVD Menu during playback and set the subtitles to OFF. It works for me everything. The option is always located on the far right side of the menu.

  5. Faye

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    Which is fine if you have a player for which DVD menus work.

    If not, use the XPL editing capabilities of AnyDVD HD and either comment out, or delete the subtitle entries. No more subtitles.

    Removing all the files and playing the EVO is not a great solution, because then you have to switch EVOs manually half way through, and you lose chapter points.

    I'm hoping that when Peer and co sort out the ACA rebuild, we'll be able to find out what makes these files incompatible with the old players, and then come up with an automatic checkbox to fix them.