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HD-DVD Software Player for "older" PC


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Apr 8, 2007

i know that my PC (AMD Athlon 64 3200+; ATI Radeon 9800 pro) have not the power e.g. PowerDVD Ultra is expecting. Nevertheless i bought the XBOX HD-DVD Drive, a update to AnyDVD HD and a HD-DVD movie (Batman Begins).
Installation was successsful and AnyDVD HD was able to copy the film to the computer. :clap:
Then i tried some software players for HD-DVD (PowerDVD 6.5 / Ultra 7.3, WinDVD HD, Nero ShowTime), but until now i have not even seen a picture from the movie. :(
With or without AnyDVD HD, from hard disk drive or HD-DVD Disk - there was no possibility to view something.
Only with PowerDVD 6.5 i could seen the "WB" intro at the beginning of the film, but these only in a small window in the upper left corner. After this there was shown a kind of rotating disk and than PowerDVD 6.5 said good bye. :mad:

Is it only my older hardware ? Playing some trailer in 1080p was no problem on my system.

Best Greetings and happy easter.
Yes its your CPU

Same thing happened to me on a 3yr old Dell 2.4Ghz P4. No go until I bought a brand new Dell XPS-410 C2D with ATI graphics card. Worth it in the end as The new machine is quite amazing.

thanks for the information. OK, then i will build me a faster PC. (AMD X2 4600+ EE) To get only silence from the graphic card (passive cooling) i want to buy an ASUS EAX1650 Silent (512 MB). Is that card fast enough for HD-DVD playing ? I am not playing games on the PC !

Yea, that should work fine YMMV as they say but thats alot more powerful that my ATI 1300 and its working just fine with AnyDVD HD of course and PowerDVD 7.1

now it is done. My new PC is ready and it is working, except HD-DVD playback. Like on my other computer i see only the video in a small area, situated in the upper left corner of the powerdvd window. I have connected an analog monitor to the VGA output of the X1650 card. (Not over DVI to VGA)
Some ideas ?