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  1. SharkMan2007

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    I take it that you must have a HD DVD player to read the HD-DVD disks. Other than the Xbox 360 HD-DVD players what are the other players out there that can make use of
    the new AnyDVD HD software ?
  2. A Friend

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    Suggestion of a SlySoft Player


    I have already suggested that SlySoft develop its own player software.


    It should be able to play Region-DVDs, Region-Blu-Rays, HD, and Audio-CDs (and to capture pictures/short video clips/audio from them).

    A player directly made by SlySoft could play these special discs without any restrictions (in PowerDVD Ultra the "Capture" options are deactivated during the playback of Blu-Ray and HD, it allows no unlimited Region-changing, and it is possible that the next version finds a way to disable the AnyDVD-HD options).

    I hope the SlySoft programmers will see these advantages.

    Many greetings :) ,

    A Friend
  3. nwasend

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    that would be sweet, but don't you have to get licenses for the codecs used (developer wise) which I'm not sure companies will like, giving slysoft's business.
  4. A Friend

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    There are programs that can play Video-DVDs and Audio-CDs and are even FREE: VLC, Media Player Classic, KMPlayer,etc.
  5. mbel747

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    I am a bit confused. Like sharkman2007, I figured that a new blue laser optical drive would be needed to read the HD DVD disks. The XBox 360 HD DVD player is one that some have hacked to play on a PC. I am not aware of other HD DVD drives for the PC.
  6. old-hack

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    The XBOX 360 HD DVD player wasn't hacked, someone found the Toshiba drivers that made it readable on a PC. Right now this is probably the most cost effective HD DVD player for the PC and Slysoft's products allow you to rip a HD DVD using this player.

    Yes, I have one, I connected it to a usb port on my pc, I installed the Toshiba udf drivers and I used AnyDVD-HD to rip King Kong to my hard drive.
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  7. mick2006

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    What kind of system do you have and what do you use to playback your ripped HD DVD files? I know that PowerDVd Ultra can be used, but I have also read that VLC player will play VC-1 content.
  8. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Quite right, though you don't even need this Toshiba udf driver - AnyDVD HD's rip function does not require that.
  9. Killga

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    PowerDVD Ultra HD is not really quite polished yet and to my knowledge it is the only program capable of playing HD-DVD content so far...

    For instance I have 2 HD-DVDs Troj and Basic Instict - Troj will play fine with AnyDVD HD both from harddisk and from the X-BOX 360 HD-DVD drive, however, I have not been able to get Basic Instinct (a Studio Canal release) to play no matter what setting I chose in AnyDVD or PowerDVD Ultra... :confused:

    Also HD-DVD menus do not seem to work the way they should with PowerDVD...
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  10. Faye

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    Many discs come with "You may need to upgrade the firmware on your player to play this disc" and that usually means you'll need to edit the menu XML. Fortunately AnyDVD HD makes this easy - just edit the XSL file under your My Documents folder and reinsert the disc.

    I usually remove any reference to "Application" and comment out subtitles.
    It seems to me though, that particularly with Universal Discs, it should be fairly easy to make them liked by PowerDVD.

    Are there any plans to allow unpacking of .ACA files? and consequent repacking and replacement?

  11. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Yes, I'm planning, to add this in some way, as soon as we're done with Blu-Ray.
  12. old-hack

    old-hack Member

    At one time I was using the VLC player but it wouldn't use the menu system so I had to open the main evo files. I have PowerDVD-HD 6.5. That seems to work on my P4 3.0G HT, 2 Gig Ram, 256M ATI Radeon 9550 Video Card. I'm not totally please with the playback yet and I probably need to upgrade my video card to get a more stable playback of the video with the audio.

    Somewhere I posted that I was getting an automatic PIP during playback of the HD-DVD content folder (of King Kong) to include the menus. Haven't figured out how to turn that off.
  13. old-hack

    old-hack Member

    I was 90% sure of this during my previous post but didn't want to state it for certain before doing some research.
  14. authorhd

    authorhd Member

    I have no problem playing Basic Instinct with AnyDVD and PowerDVD ultra...
  15. Killga

    Killga Member

    I figured I am doing something wrong, but cant seem to find what... :doh:

    I just cant get past chapter 2/26 (chapters one and two are just 8 seconds with nothing being shown)...

    Actually it worked when I used the disk the first time but it does no longer... :confused:
  16. Faye

    Faye Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Just registered. Keep up the good work.