HD-DVD Playback only works with AnyDVD-HD

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by GTakacs, Apr 2, 2007.

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    I have built a new HTPC and I can only play back HD-DVD movies from disk if I have AnyDVD-HD turned on.

    My setup:
    - E4300
    - Visiontech ATI Radeon X1650 PRO with HDMI and HDCP
    - XP MCE
    - XBOX360 drive with Toshiba UDF2.5 driver
    - PowerDVD 7.3
    - AnyDVD-HD
    - ATI Catalyst 7.3 from 3/28/07 from ATI's site.
    - JVC 40" LCD with HDMI/HDCP

    If I have AnyDVD turned off I get an error message about improper graphics driver and try to run the default driver.

    If I have AnyDVD turned on I can play the movie just fine. I only have King Kong for now and it looks awesome once it's playing.

    My question is what is AnyDVD-HD doing that causes WinDVD to work fine? What am I missing from being able to play back original movies from factory disks with my setup short of using WinDVD-HD? What is the magic ingredient that AnyDVD brings to the table? Is my Video card not HDCP compatible? (Visiontek says specifically on their site that it includes the HDCP key). Is my LCD not HDCP compatible? The specs only said HDMI/HDCP compatible. Why am I getting graphics driver errors? What the heck is a default driver?

    I have purchased AnyDVD-HD already to be able to store DVDs on my network drive and stream them to my computers, I just want to know what part of the equation I am missing that does not allow me to play back legally owned movies from their disks without resorting to removing some kind of protection.
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    It's a PowerDVD Ultra 7.1/7.3 issue: http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=3285

    An to your question why it works with AnyDVD HD activated: Someone pls correct me if i'm wrong: AnyDVD HD emulates an analog display; Try the 'old' Cyberlink HD/BD Advisor 1.0.1206 before and after AnyDVD HD activating. I hope in the future AnyDVD HD will emulate a HDCP compliant display, because of analog sunset.
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  3. Peer

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    Ok, here I go :) : correction, correction, ladies and gentlemen! AnyDVD HD does NOT emulate an analogue display.
    It removes encryption and copy protection from the video data and therefore eliminates the need for an HDCP display, which is only a requirement for copy protected material.
    So with AnyDVD HD running, PowerDVD/WinDVD/Nero Showtime are fully aware of your plain digital DVI connection, but they simply don't care about this.

    So, no worries about the sun going down on analogue displays, AnyDVD HD will still do the job then...
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  4. Gorgon

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    Ok, thanks for info! :)
  5. GTakacs

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    Thanks for the response. I guess even though all my equipment is HDCP compliant (the beta Cyberlink Advisor says everything is A-OK including HDCP) the stupid PowerDVD still thinks something is awry.

    Since it all seems to work for now with AnyDVD-HD I'm not going to complain much, but it would sure be nice to have Cyberlink work as advertised.

    I also tried to install the latest ATI Catalyst drivers from Visiontek's website directly and I got the same "install default drivers" crap from Cyberlink.
  6. mb2696

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    i don't think anydvd is emulating that type of hardware. it is simply removing the aacs protection. the aacs protection is what requires compliant hardware. no aacs = plays on any hardware
  7. GTakacs

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    I reverted back to the ATI 7.1 drivers from the 7.3 drivers and now PowerDVD works fine without AnyDVD-HD it plays discs just fine, no more "incompatible driver" crap.

    I also had to revert back to the 7.1 because apparently ATI can't figure out how to output a decent 1080p signal via HDMI and you can only work around it in the 7.1 driver not the 7.3.

    So it's sort of like two birds with one stone.....

    I also backed up "Departed" to my network thanks to AnyDVD and it plays back just fine. now if I could find a way to recode it with h.264 and make it a bit smaller........
  8. HD43

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    Try Nero 7 - it encodes H.264 from HD.
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    Care to ellaborate?