HD DVD on standard dvd's now!

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    Burning HD Videos on Standard DVDs - You can now watch your hi-def videos in all their glory on your big screen using a standard dvd burner! Pinnacle's Studio 10.7 software has added the ability to burn HD DVD-formatted discs on standard DVD drives. However, you will need an HD DVD player to watch the material. The capacity of the standard DVD will only be about a third of a HD DVD disc, but it should be enough for your vacation videos...lol..yeah..right
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    I been looking but i cant seem to find a trial version ,(do they offer it?), i have been using ulead movie factory 6, trial version now and it has the same ability to burn HD videos on red laser dvds and it seems to work very good, so if Pinnacle does not offer a trial you could be stuck if it fails to meet expections
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    Thre are a number of programs out there that will burn HD video to regular dvd's, but can any of these programs burn .evo files to regular dvd's, in other words Hd DVD's or Blu Ray ripped discs be burned to regular dvd's?
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    in time...

    Someday HD DVD'S will copy as simply as you do now on a standard dvd...the companies all have a role to play and this is just one piece of the puzzle...this version is only a patch I think. You have to own the product.
    It just shows how they all have a stake in being the first to offer a product that can do what owners of these discs want..."a back up"...the original is to expensive to use...the winner of the race to produce a simple backup system will roll in riches...