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    There's a lot of good info and discussions on this forum, but some technical data that I'm not up to speed on and far too much to read through to get an answer to a laments question.
    I've been using AnyDVD and it works great for me.

    So now I've gone out and bought a 70" 1080P screen and a Toshiba HD DVD player. I've purchased 4 HD DVD's at the new technology prices, ouch! but I can't help myself, I love the new stuff.
    I want to make backups of these costly HD-DVD's to be able to play on my HD Player, not computer.

    Will HD DVD make a backup copy of my movie on an ordinary blank DVD the same as AnyDVD does. I'm talking all the sound and picture quality just like an ordinary or superbit DVD.
    Take away the extras and the other languages, will the movie fit on my R/W-DVD or do I have to purchase a special R/W DVD to copy to.

    On a personal note, is there any opinions on HD vs Bluray, I'm thinking HD is going to win. Cost and the fact that you can play ordinary DVD's on the device is why I think it's going to win.

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    To make a back-up of a HD-DVD, you need an HD-DVD burner/reader, blank HD-DVDs , and of course AnyDVD-HD. You cannot put a HD-DVD on even a double layer DVD without losing significant quality.
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    I've got some copies of discs which I borrowed from a friend.

    237Gb holds 12 movies pared down to the bare minimum. So that's an average of nearly 20Gb a movie.
    The best a commercial DVD can hold is 18Gb, and that's dual side, dual layer.. even if the stand alone player will play HDDVD when stored on a DVD.

    The movie is often split into two files. If they happened to be smaller than 9Gb then you might be able to do it. The *only* movie out of the 12 which you might be able to try out would be V for Vendetta.

    The files are 8,822,900,736 bytes and 7,842,564,096 bytes respectively and so if you created an XPL which just contained the first AudioVideoSegment and put that and the first evo/map on the disc in the right format as UDF

    it MIGHT play. No guarantees, the player may refuse to play it if it's not UDF2.5 or HDDVD.

    This won't work for most discs, however, since the individual sizes are too big for DVD. Most would have to be split over 3 DVDs and therefore significantly remastered.. Unless you could strip all those extra audio tracks and end up with just under 9Gb for the file :)