HD DVD file system on DVD+R DL?

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  1. I think that I read somewhere that the since the HD DVD file system and the old SD DVD file system were so similar that if you had a small enough HD movie that it would fit on a standard DVD an HD DVD player would play the movie even though it was on a standard DVD.

    Well I recorded a TV show in MPG2 HD on my computer then edited it with Ulead VideoStudio 10, and created a HD DVD file on my computer hard disk. It plays OK using PowerDVD 7.1 but when I burned it to a DVD+R DL using ImgBurn and tried to play it in my Toshiba HD-A2 it gives me an error saying that it is not a DVD formatted disk and that it can't play it. I would like to know for sure if this can be done before I waste any more blanks.

    Does anyone know for sure if this can be done or not. And if it can what app. is there that can burn the disk so that my Toshiba will play it.

    Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.
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    This is correct. I have been doing it for months though Ulead. Make sure when you burn this item to disc, you choose the option for UDF filesystem and check off xbox compatibility.

    Now that we have these nice tools available through slysoft to fit most of our ripping and encoding needs, looks like we can do it all with there tools.

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    Are you creating your own videos and compiling them as HD before burning them using Ulead or are you taking ripped HD content, importing it into Ulead and creating modified HD content for burning?
  4. I am recording OTA broadcasts using a HD tuner card then converting the .ts file to a .mpg2 HD file with HDTVtoMPEG2.exe, importing this file into Ulead VideoStudio 10 Plus, editing out the commercials adding menus and chapters then I want to save them on DVD+R DLs in 1920x1080 rez.
    Unfortunately VideoStudio 10 Plus doesn't give me the option of burning to any thing in 1920x1080 res. It only allows me to create a HD file on the hard drive. If I select the output for a DVD+R DL it down converts to 720x480 before burning the disk.
    I don't want a low rez copy I want to keep it in it's original broadcast quality. A one hour show is only about 6 to 7 GB once I have removed the commercials so it can easily fit on a DVD+R DL and as of now I do not own a HD DVD burner. Beside I don't think VideoStudio is capable of outputting to either a HD DVD or Blu-ray drive yet! They keep saying they are going to add that functionally in the future. But who knows when that will actually happen.
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    Make sure the .ts files you have are not at 1088 resolution as they seem to cause issues.. You can get a program called dvdpatcher (1.06 I think is the latest version) to fix that. I also use DVD movie factory for most of the creation of "HD-DVD" content... Try this and let me know what you think.. BTW: EvoDemux .621 was released today - have you guys demuxed much with the HD-DVD yet?