HD DVD drives


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Are there any Hd DVD drives out on the market yet other than the xbox 360 drive? And if so where can I find one?
I haven't heard of any standalone HD-DVD drives for a PC, but I know they have HD-DVD drives for your TV. Some computers (I think Toshiba) come with an HD-DVD drive built-in.


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The HP HD100 is currently on sale now at newegg:


HP 2.4X HD DVD-ROM, 5X DVD-ROM, 14X CD-ROM USB 2.0 External HD DVD-ROM reader Model HD100 - Retail

Unfortunately, it is $429.99 now and $379.99 after $50 rebate. Its probably basically the same as the Xbox HD DVD (ROM) drive but cost about twice as much. The HP HD100 does come with PowerDVD 6.5 HD DVD Edition.

PowerDVD 6.5 isn’t likely Vista compliant and is an earlier implementation but it should have some functionality in XP

PowerDVD (7.1-7.2) Ultra is a newer implementation and should be Vista compliant.

Given the price of the HP HD100 it would actually be cheaper to buy the Xbox HD DVD drive and Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra by aproximitly ~$100 and PowerDVD Ultra should also assure better Vista support.


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At that price I suggest to just get the HD-DVD drive that you can get with Xbox 360 as it is only 200.00 and even cheaper at walmart.


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Other then newegg, I see the HP HD100 HD DVD drive for a flat ~$499 at Compusa, Circuitcity and so on.

One thing that is odd is that HP systems with HD DVD drives seem to come with a program called HP “PlayDVD HD DVD” which is presumably an upgraded version of the older HP “PlayDVD” that only played DVDs.

One has to wonder what software player this OEM HP “PlayDVD HD DVD” is based on and why it wasn’t included with the HP HD100 HD DVD drive,….?

HP info Linkage with screenshot of PlayDVD HD DVD: