HD DVD copy problems

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    I have been trying to copy some of my HD DVD titles to my PC hard drive, and had some problems. In general, I am wondering if HD DVD discs are not pressed well, or if they typically have some kind of pressing based protection. To be specific, it seems strange to me that clean discs (these are my personal discs, not rentals) have so many problems in being copied.

    In particular, I am trying to copy A Clockwork Orange in HD DVD, and I keep getting a fatal error on the first feature.evo at about 10 gb (out of 12gb). Is this a common problem with this disc, or do I have a problem disc? It plays OK when I load up PowerDVD or use the external HD DVD drive with the Xbox 360. (Note: with imgburn the error came across as a CRC redundancy check problem).

    Thanks for your thoughts.
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    Sounds like a bad original disc - try returning it for a replacement. Playing is more tolerant of this kind of problem than ripping.