HD-DVD Compression

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by njr, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. njr

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    I realise that this its the place really to ask this but here goes:

    I've ripped a HD-DVD using AnyDVD HD (great product) to my hard disk & can play this fine via PowerDVD.

    Has anyone had any success with compressing the HD-DVD files (EVO), into DVD, XVID, DIVX, etc ?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. stretch69

    stretch69 Member

    same question.

    I too have been trying to compress the evo files. I'v tried regular divx, I've tried Dr. Divx, and i've tried WMV9, none of these programs recognize the evo files. Has anybody had any luck with anything else? Any imput would be greatly appreciated.
  3. thevoiceover

    thevoiceover Beta Tester

    Have you tried to demux your .evo files first? I think a start would be here - try evodemux..
  4. species8472

    species8472 Beta Tester

    Do not take this the wrong way, but WHY? Once you compress or use a demux you will "Sacrafice" the quality. The whole point of HD-DVD is image quality and audio support such as TrueHD. VC-1 is far superior to other codecs such as DIVX and XVID. You minus well not even bother with ripping the HD version and rip the SD version instead.

    I know drive space is tight but I strongly suggest getting a large drive for storage of the movies. I was able to backup 17 movies to a 400GB and I am working on filling a 750GB now. :) You can get WD 500 Raid Edition drives for around 170.00 on Newegg.

  5. trefwasere

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    Personally I would expect that compressing an HD-DVD if done well should not cause a significant loss of quality. Generally the studios just fill the disk even if it isn't strictly required.

    I guess we need something like DVD Shrink for HD-DVD to get the movie to fit on a single layer disk.
  6. species8472

    species8472 Beta Tester

    True.. We need an app that can compress VC-1 for use on a single sided disk but 30GB HD-DVD Recordable Disks are around the corner..
  7. DetroitBaseball

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    Newegg has a SATA 500GB HDD for $140.
  8. thevoiceover

    thevoiceover Beta Tester

    Have any of you guys played with Haali media splitter yet (combined with Evodemux and another encoder?)
  9. Bathrone

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    You want loose any quality demuxing out the VC-1 stream.

    You dont need Haali splitter for this. Doom9's website has some muxing tools properly suited for this.

    Converting VC-1 to mpeg4-asp like xvid or divx is just dumb. VC-1 and AVC are the best compression codecs currently available.

    Currently there is no consumer level Hd-DVD authoring tool that allows mastering in AVC and VC-1.
  10. stevelot

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    150 gig

    I think it was Ridata that claimed a 10 layer 150 gig HD DVD disk at the CES in Las Vegas.