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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by shadow5455, Dec 1, 2007.

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    OK here is my question. I am getting in the next couple of days a 46 inch sony 1080p tv. I also have the archos 700 mobil device. I was wondering if i get anydvd HD and use it in conjuction with clone DVD mobile will i be able to then put the movies on the archos and play HD dvds (the avi files) on my television? (the archos comes with a hookup for tv)

    any help would be appreciated .... thanks
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    Archos 605 WiFi


    I have a similar question: I'm trying to use DVDMobile to rip movies to my Archos 605. I click on "Archos 605" in the drop down menu, execute the copy command in DVDMobile and the file format that DVDmobile creates is an AVI file. When I click and drag the file into the video folder of my Archos I get an error message that indicates that the Archos cannot read AVI files.

    The preferred file format of the Archos is HD-wav (or something like that). Can anyone recommend how I can overcome this problem so I can save and watch movies into my Archos using DVDMobile?