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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Carlos325, Aug 28, 2022.

  1. Carlos325

    Carlos325 Member

    Hi, on new version when make a list of titles in HBOMAX, when you change tabs to other tittle it fails, you need to stay on the screen with the title in order to avoid error.

    I roll back to version SetupAnyStream_1.4.0.2_64bit.exe No issues, if i need amazon or netfix i need to upgrade then rollback again for HBOMAX.

    Hoppe you fix this issue.
  2. DQ

    DQ Well-Known Member

    It is protocol to attach a log for the developers to look at when you experience such an issue. This is so they can isolate the issue you are having.
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  3. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Happens sometimes when you are using a VPN and the IP gets blocked forcing the computer to drop packets and error.
  4. Carlos325

    Carlos325 Member

    hi not using VPN and done happen on version AnyStream
  5. Bri2000

    Bri2000 Active Member

    As DQ said, you should definitely upload a log file if you want any assistance at all with this.
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  6. Bry Brat

    Bry Brat Member

    This has been reported several times, so let me help out here.

    • The computer was directly connected to the modem
    • I'm the only one at home; I am not currently doing anything on the internet other than this test. There is no streaming going on inside or outside of the house. The NASs are silent and no computer is accessing them.
    • I am not on a VPN.
    • I can replicate this at a friend's house on my machine, and he can replicate it on his.
    • I had tokens, so no waiting
    Here's what happens. When you download from HM, you have to stay on that page. You cannot search for another show, which changes pages. It will download any show shown on that page, including in the ones in the search field, or hidden beyond the scrolls. As long as you don't search for anything else, it will download everything you can click on. You can switch to other providers at will with no issues, as long as you don't do another search on HM. This only affects the movie STARTING it's download... once is starts, you can search for a new movie and it will continue and start the next movies (as long as you are still on the page you added that movie from).

    • Searched and added Movie 1.
    • Added another movie on that page, Movie 2.
    • After Movie 1 started and with Movie 2 pending in the queue, searched for Movie 3. Added Movie 3 and two sequels that also popped up.
    • Movie 1 completed successfully (since it was started when I switched pages). Movie 2 failed (since I had searched and was no longer on that page.)
    • Stayed on the Movie 3/4/5 page and let Movie 3 finish and start the first sequel, Movie 4, and searched for Movie 6 and added it, switching pages.
    • Movie 3 had finished successfully before I switched pages and the first sequel Movie 4 had started when I switched so it also completed successfully. The second sequel, Movie 5 failed since I was no longer on that page.
    • After Movie 6 started with me on the page then searched for the filed Movie 2, added it, waited for it to start, searched for the failed sequel Movie 6 and added it, and let it finish correctly.
    Conclusion: As long as you are on the page where you added the movie to the queue when the movie starts to download, it will successfully download.
    I am currently on 1420, the problem either started on the previous version or the one before.

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    Last edited: Aug 30, 2022
  7. dtsig

    dtsig Well-Known Member

    That is weird ... i am able to download (add to queue more than 1 item) and go to another provider/page without a problem.
  8. Bry Brat

    Bry Brat Member

    Another provider isn't a problem. Searching and adding something else on HM will make all previously queued items that are pending, fail.
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  9. Bry Brat

    Bry Brat Member

    Obviously everyone doesn't seem to be having a problem, but there are several reports so it's something. And it's highly doubtful it can be blamed on my network if I can replicate it on any network and with other machines.

    It also seems likely from comments that it may not affect TV Shows the same way.
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  10. Carlos325

    Carlos325 Member

    Thats exactly my problem, if using version that does not happen. lucky i got a backup of that version
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  11. Heracles

    Heracles Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    I've been having this same issue on HBOMax only with the things in the queue failing.

    I have been hopping around between streaming providers on the tabs in AnyStream and not staying on the same page and have also been searching in HBOMax.

    I'm trying a combination of your suggestions :thankyou: and also using "My List" on HBOMax.

    1. Uninstalled current version & re-installed
    2. Adding items in "My List" in browser prior to using AnyStream for HBOMax.
    3. Staying on HBOMax Tab only (not moving to other streamer tabs) and keeping on same HBOMax page and using "My List" to add items to queue.

    This *seems* to make a difference and have not received the errors since doing this with current loaded queue.

    I will try an uninstall of later and re-install current version and then follow step's 2 & 3 using current version to see if that also works for me.


    (It's thundering here in Dallas right now... :barefoot: )

    No VPN
  12. Heracles

    Heracles Well-Known Member


    Uninstalled & reinstalled (Current version) and:

    1. Added items in "My List" in browser prior to using AnyStream for HBOMax.
    2. Stayed on HBOMax Tab only (not moving to other streamer tabs) and keeping on same HBOMax page and using "My List" to add items to queue.

    Haven't had any more queue errors on files that I was having all day with moving between streaming services in AnyStream, searching in HBOMax/Anystream and adding items from queues that way.

    I don't think it's network/sensitivity issues, since following the above 2 steps and queue is stable.

    Just f/y/i..

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  13. Jorgejones

    Jorgejones Well-Known Member

    What I have found is if you preload the My List with the movies or shows you want to download, it doesn't matter what you do, they will download. The shows have to stay on the "front page". This includes any searched show. By that, I mean if you preload a show(s) in My List and then search for a movie, as long as the preloaded shows stay on the front page, everything will download fine. This also works for HULU and Paramount. Two other providers that have this issue. Hope this helps.
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  14. Jorgejones

    Jorgejones Well-Known Member

    I am running the current version
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  15. Pooftie

    Pooftie Member

    I have this issue with HM and 64bit AS. So weird.
  16. Pooftie

    Pooftie Member

    I tried changing the region settings in AS and that didn't help.
  17. Prison222

    Prison222 Member

    I have the same problem. Even the restart download function doesn't work.

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  18. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    re you using a VPN, if so the IP is blocked I have no such issues. No log file from you doesn't help either.
  19. Pooftie

    Pooftie Member

    The issue is so vague. I was just reporting my experience because someone implied that the original person having this issue was unique. I really didn't want to get into the log file rigamaroll. I never know what log covers which part of my AS session and I'm not sure what's in the log; I don't like flinging my data over the highly secure and safe interwebs. If it is a VPN issue, why do the files prepared in the way above still download properly, but as soon as I stray from those instructions, the file fails. Reliably reproducible. I start the file download up again with the same file showing in the AS browser and it works. Same AS session, same VPN. It didn't do that before. At least AS doesn't seem to take away a token for each file failed, so that's nice. Now I just go in batches based on what's showing in the AS browser before changing anything the selection showing in the AS browser. It's a pain because I have a small brain and can't keep track of what looks good to get in the time it took to get what was last gotten.

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  20. Prison222

    Prison222 Member

    I don't use a VPN and the problem is since the last version of the program.

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