Having trouble with vista


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Feb 22, 2007
I am having trouble backing up....I am using clone dvd 2 and any dvd it reads fine but when its time to write it ejects the original from the dvd rom i already have a blank in the dvd burner but it isn't recognizing it this is a brand new computer with vista..i never had a problem with xp can anybody help its keeps telling me to insert blank disc
Do you have the DVD-ROM selected as Source and the DVDRW selected as the Target...or whatever phrase the software uses.

Try ripping to the hard drive first and then burning the files to DVD. I assume that you're using CloneDVD for both.
Vista drivers

Check your PC manufacturers website to see if they have new drivers for your IDE or SATA controllers. If they don't you may be stuck with using XP until they do.
rip hd works

running vista. rip to the hd then burn back on the same drive works for me
I'm seeing similar behaviour - starting a few days ago, my DVD burner would 'disappear' from Vista (both the icon in 'Computer' and the hardware item in Dev Mgr) at the end of each burn. I noticed this with writing existing data first, but it's done it with copies, too.

Reboot, and it comes back. Burn again, it disappears. It's getting pretty annoying to have to reboot after each burn.

Dell Inspiron 9400 with Vista Ultimate
sameproblem with vista and Clone DVD2......

can someone help me....you said to zip it from the computer and then to a disk and then from the disk to the computer i dont know how to do that can anyone help i am tired of restarting my computer after every burn:confused: