haveing trouble with step up and john tucker must die


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i burned john tucker must die and step up and every thing was fine acept i went to watch it and got only the cometry sound with the anoying comentry during the movie tryed coping it again 3 differ ways and still cant get the audio right i have the newst version u can get. the audio checks out okay before i burn it says ac/2 but when i put it in he dvd player and it screws up i hit the audio on my remote and it says ac/0 and wont et m change it


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@ dtrain,

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Director Comments problems are not caused by any problem with the AnyDVD software program. The problems lies in your selection of the Audio Streams to include in your backup copy.

Suggest to closely review the CloneDVD Forum “Sticky” titled “Director Comments” (http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=339) for information on how to correct your problem ->