Have Yourself a Goofy Little Christmas

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    I just got a DVD copy of the 1992 Goof Troop Christmas special called "Have Yourself A Goofy Little Christmas", and attempted to rip the disc to my PC using AnyDVD.

    However, the program produced an error saying that the decryption keys for the disc were unknown and that it would have to try to guess them and warned that this may cause errors.

    The disc copied and main title plays back fine... However, it looks like it must have guessed the incorrect decryption keys -- resulting in the main menu becoming corrupted like this:

    I hope you can solve this problem and make it so I can have a perfect backup of this Christmas special before Christmas comes. I've attached a ziplog file from my second attempt to rip the disc after I found that the first attempt gave the above error.

    Edit: Upon further inspection, while the DVD plays back fine (except for the main menu as mentioned above), when attempting to play back the ripped vob files on their own or transcoding them to x264 for playing back on my phone, all my media software gives errors along the lines of "the vob file cannot be read." So I'm actually not sure if the vob files of the main title were successfully ripped or not.

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    Please post a logfile from the original disc.
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    It looks like I mistakenly attached a log file from the mounted iso of the disc.... Ooops.

    Here is the proper log file, from the original disc.

    I hope that this will help you be able to fix this problem and make AnyDVD be able to fully decrypt the disc.

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