Have Slysoft license, can I download and use v 7695?

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Dan Magoo, Sep 18, 2016.

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    Sorry to raise the "old SlySoft" issue again, but I haven't been able to find the answer to this exact question and would appreciate help. I bought a lifetime AnyDVD HD license from SlySoft in 2014, did various updates and was up to, I think, v 8040 when SlySoft shut down. I could not get AnyDVD to work. I "get" that, and am not blaming anybody -- I just hope to understand my options better. After reading here that versions up to 7695 would still work, and figuring that would suit my needs (I used AnyDVD only occasionally, and mainly to back up older DVDs anyway), I looked for how to download that version -- and cannot find it, either online or as an old set-up file on my hard drive. I ended up installing v7110 from oldversions.com, which seems to work fine but it's from 2012 so I figure it will be more limited than 7695. Is there any way I can download v 7695 someplace, and still use my SlySoft license, without having access to the online database? Thanks for any info.
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    Wrong section. The DVD issues section is (as the name explains) reserved for DVD disc related issues only. License questions have their own section up top. Topic moved. You can not possibly have used v8.0.4.0 with your slysoft license. Starting version AnyDVD requires a redfox anydvd license. The last version that supports a slysoft license is You can grab 7695 here https://www.redfox.bz/download/SetupAnyDVD7695.exe

    NOTE: You will NOT have access to the OPD and will very likely have issues decrypting ANY dvd release since then. DVD protections are handled by new AnyDVD versions and not through the OPD.
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    Thank You!! Apologies about wrong section -- I saw it was sort of a recurring problem, so I tried -- and failed. The License section questions seemed to be all about new purchase set-up, at least recently.

    Anyway, I installed 7605 and it works on the disks I tried, which are pretty old, but they do fail to backup without any decryption and they do work with AnyDVD 7695. (Actually I found they also worked with the v 7110, but hopefully 7695 will be more flexible.) I'm considering getting a Redfox license, it's just that I'm such an occasional user that I don't know if I can justify another "lifetime" license. For now I'm OK -- thanks again for the help.
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    @Dan Magoo
    They do have yearly or multi years licensing also. So you don't have to purchase a Lifetime of RedFox license. And if you decide you want one later you can renew to a Lifetime then. Now would be a great time to purchase:

    RedFox is offering a discount of 20% on all products, valid until Sunday, October 16, 2016.

    Please see here:
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    That sucks...I paid full price for lifetime 16 days ago and now y'all have a discount...
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    It comes and goes and just cause they got a discount doesn't mean it will be there the next time. We all have to make our own choices here if you didn't need v8 the older version with the Slysoft license would be fine if you don't need BD OPD or newer DVD decryption.
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    From the FAQ on the main RedFox page
    Can I use my Slysoft license with the new RedFox versions?
    The last version of AnyDVD that can be unlocked with Slysoft license keys is7.6.9.5. For all later versions you need to obtain a new license key from us. SlySoft licenses of other products such as CloneDVD, CloneCD, and CloneDVD mobile, as well as elby CloneBD licenses are not affected and will continue to work normally.
    Click the version or the link below for setup exe