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    I have the original e-mail that was sent to me by slysoft after purchasing AnyDVD. My eight digit slysoft order number was givin to me. How do I use this # to get that fox decrypting for me again?
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    you should have been sent an attatchment with an e-mail which contains the 'key' to unlock AnyDVD (ie so you can use anydvd all the time).
    save this attatchment/key to your computer,double click it to enter it into the registry.restart your computer.

    if anydvd is now working (unlocked),delete the key from your computer's hard drive but save a copy of it and/or the e-mail containing this key off your computer (put it on a cd or removable drive) in case you need it in the future.

    if you (or anyone else) lose your slysoft key(s) read this:
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