Have copied 500+, 1Click+Anydvd, but can't use CloneDVD

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by TexxasBig, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. TexxasBig

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    When I copy CloneDVD the program shows that it has completed but, the disc has about a 3/16" unwritten ring on the outside. And it will not play or plays 90% and freezes. Any ideas?
  2. bilbo65

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    Perhaps poor quality media used and incorrect custom disc size selected in CloneDVD, imo...
  3. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Do as Bilbo65 has said, try a better media, like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, also make sure the disc is finalizing. Bad media is the source of 90% of peoples problem when they use any copy program.
  4. heymrvegas

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    Cannot finish burning DVD's

    Dear Mr Big,

    (Can I call you Big?) - There are likely over 100 different things that COULD be causing your problem, but without LOTS MORE DETAIL even a super expert is going to be unable to help you. (What OS are you using?) What hardware? What is the Motherboard, CPU, Bios version? What other programs are running in the background? What processes are running simultaneously? Have you tried another DVD burner? Do you have the latest driver for the burner? Did the problem always exist or happen after an update of your anti-virus or Windows software? (I am just getting started here). First make sure you have good quality media (get 16X) burn at 12X, and if that does not fix it, I suggest you bring it to a PC dealer in the area you can trust who has a better idea than "You need to reformat your drive", Sorry! Not to make you feel bad, but I have used CLONEDVD sucessfully on two different PC's running XP (Home and Pro). So far (knock wood) it has been FLAWLESS for me!

    RAMROD Well-Known Member

    You could try changeing your disc size to custom 4300mb this stops alot of problems.
  6. TexxasBig

    TexxasBig New Member

    Custom 4300mb did it!!!!!
    Thanks RAMROD