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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by kyrunner, May 22, 2007.

  1. kyrunner

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    I was reading that the new clonedvd will work with nero recode,could some one explain to me how I would go about setting this up.do I just rip the movie to the hard drive with clonedvd then use nero recode to do the compressing and stuff.plus would I rip to the hard disk using iso or the other video setting.
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    Set the disc size near the quality bar in Clonedvd2 to "dvd +/- R DL" and choose "dvd files" as the output method in Clonedvd. After, you would import the Clonedvd rip into Recode.

    With most discs, you can just have anydvd running in the background and import the disc directly into Recode without needing to rip first (some of the newer Sony/Lionsgate releases require you to rip first, however).
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  3. kyrunner

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    k that was my next question as to why I had to do it this way because usually any dvd running in back ground has always worked with nero recode,I guess I just haven't tryed some of the new sony titles I guess recode will tell you right off the bat if it wont work.and you need to go this route first?
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    You don't have to. And if you're interested in overall speed, you might not want to (I wouldn't because I am speed freak in all things, and I know what I'm doing--but it depends on system specs; generally advanced analysis is faster, depending on system specs, if you rip to your harddrive first; that said, you need to add in the time it takes to rip first with Clonedvd into your calculations).

    There are some advantages to ripping first (but none that personally affect me)


    You could use Anydvd ripper. However, the advantage to using Clonedvd first is that you can choose to remove all the junk you don't want first before ripping. Basically, if you must rip first, use Clonedvd.
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    and if I may add...

    The new versions of both Anydvd and Clonedvd work FANTASTIC! Previously, only on Sony/Lionsgate films, the output files from Clone were not compressable with Shrink or Recode. I had to add a step and only sometimes achieved success.

    After updating to the newest versions, I threw in Saw 3 to test the waters:
    Using Anydvd w/ Clonedvd = Fully compatible files for Recode/Shrink
    Using Anydvd Ripper alone = Fully compatible files for Recode/Shrink

    Thank you for such great products!!:clap: :clap: :clap: :bowdown: