has anyone heard of dvd cloner

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    has anyone heard of blu ray to dvd pro? with the use of any dvd hdand blu ray to dvd pro you can rip and burn it to multiple dvds..........here is what they say....


    Perfectly splits and burns a Blu-ray movie to multiple DVDs
    1:1 Blu-ray burning - 100% same to the original with absolutely no quality loss
    Excellent synchronized audio and video

    Selectable burning
    Saves all the subtitles and audio tracks
    Multiple types of source files supported
    Adds menu to the target DVD
    (Note: Adding a menu will make the AVCHD disc incompatible with PLAYSTATION 3.)

    Defines the characters, font, color, background picture of the menu
    Pauses/Resumes the burning process
    Batch copying - You can define the number of discs to be burnt
    High burning speed
    Trial version - burns one Blu-ray disc for free or pro version all open

    they are at dvd-cloner.com

    what do you think?
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    i used this software back in the day when it was version 2. i think now there at version 5. its a piece of shit im not sure how much better it got but i dont really care for it . all i know that at that time i was using it for dvds and then it wasnt to stable. bluray is stil fairly new so im sure there will be problems there. if you want to rip a bluray movie to disc just use anydvd and imgburn . imgburn is free and it works just fine. if you want a movie to fit onto one disc just use TsMuxer to rip the movie only some of them fit but there are alot that wil require a dual layer BD-R
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    ok but i like to rip it to say 4 dvd-9.....
  4. Bigrick

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    that im not sure about thats not something im interested in
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    TsMuxer also does splitting, although this will probably require two passes:
    1. BD -> Split.M2TS
    2. Split.M2TS -> BD
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    The program is bogus and the bluray option does not work. I just hope you didnt buy it. :(
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    DVDFab or AnyDVD+CloneDVD are the only real foolproof ones.
  8. colin_s

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    Tried this software sometime ago . Hopeless! Crashed each time I used it. Complained to no avail. :bang:
    Also, unlike AnyDVD, updates cost as much as the original purchase!
    I was burnt. Be warned !
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    I tried it some time back and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone either.
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    Thanks for the responses!
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    I moved your post to the Third Party forum and merged it with 2 pre-existing discussions on this product. One of them was posted within the last two days. Please use the search feature next time. :)

    I recommend scrolling up and reading all the posts in this thread.
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    I agree stick with the old school at Slysoft and the people at Fengtao Software Inc.
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    Has anyone seen this application yet

    It is called Blu-Ray to DVD http://www.dvd-cloner.com/blu-ray-to-dvd/ I just wonder if it really works or if anyone here has tried it.It says that one would need AnydvdHD to decrypt of course.It has a free version and a paid version.

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    This has been discussed before so I merged the threads.
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