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    Hi to All

    I have a DELL Optiplex GX620 at 3,2 ghz with intel E64T cpu, 2GB Memory , 3 HDD Total 400 GB ( My free space on C is 1 GB).

    Also a geforce 8600GT and an LG CCW LH20L Blue ray RRW player.

    When i play a Blue ray movie to my HD Epson projector , after 2,3 minutes my PC Crashes.

    My question is if i can use Anydvd HD to watch the movie without having those crashes ??


  2. James

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    Possible. Try it.
  3. Tyrod01

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    I had written a whole diatribe on the C drive but somehow I lost the text. Here's the short version. Free up some space on the C drive. Alot of space! Like at least 100G, perferably 200G. Windows (all versions) doesn't like a full C drive. The other drives won't matter.

    Second, I believe that video card uses an extra power connector. Make sure it's connected. It'll prolly work fine without it being connected, until it's stressed. Like playing a BD movie.
  4. Adbear

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    I think saying free up 100GB is excessive, you should be fine with 4 or 5GB free. Most people don't even have a primary drive over 100GB total
  5. ocgw

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    Go to start/run/msconfig/selective startup/ disable all, it will stop all unecessary programs from running in the background, or use a 3rd party program like Startup Cop, or Autorun Cop, & free up your resources, & you should be fine, yet you might still need AnyDVD HD running in the background if you have non-HDCP compliant hardware

    in my most humble of opinions;)


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