Hardware Acceleration Transcoder Issues (AMD)

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    Hi - per the instruction of Ch3vr0n, please find an issue I am experiencing with CloneBD.

    I purchased "The Spy Who Dumped Me" Blu-ray and use CloneBD to create a digital copy I can keep in my library in KODI. To do this and save disc space, I do partial copies of just the movie file(s) in a directory hierarchy that is then kept on a SAMBA NAS share.

    Inevitably, the cloning process will fail with an "internal transcoder error" - here are the warnings:

    ======== WARNINGS (CLONEBD) ==========

    [ERROR ] [0x00000000019aff40] CODEC_DRONE::DroneInit:734 > __ensure((Blob->Version & ~0xFF) == DRONE_BLOB::MAGIC && Blob->Magic == DRONE_RESULT::MAGIC && Blob->Size <= sizeof(Buffer))

    [ERROR ] [0x00000000019aff40] transcoder stop error: 0x80004005

    [ERROR ] [0x00000000019aff40] last reported error: 'CODEC_DRONE::DroneInit:734 > __ensure((Blob->Version & ~0xFF) == DRONE_BLOB::MAGIC && Blob->Magic == DRONE_RESULT::MAGIC && Blob->Size <= sizeof(Buffer))' (6)

    Error in processStreams

    The abortion and errors occur at all different completion % rates, so it doesn't seem to be one particular spot in the transcoding that causes it. Further, I can do a disc rip through AnyDVDHD and have no issues at all with the procedure so this genuinely seems to be an issue within CloneBD.

    AMD drivers are updated to current versions (Radeon 18.10.1); speccy file (RBS-KODI.txt) and log from CloneBD (CloneBD. attached.

    ========= drone.amd.exe -supportedcodecs result ==========

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Elaborate Bytes\CloneBD>drone.amd.exe -supportedcodecs

    !!N {AMD UVD/VCE-unset}2018-10-31 17:47:29.883 2298 [AMFDecoderUVDImpl] Error: ..\..\..\..\..\runtime\src\components\DecoderUVD\DecoderUVDImpl.cpp(1733):AMF_ERROR 1 : AMF_FAIL: pCaps->Init(m_pContext, m_codecId)

    !!N {AMD UVD/VCE-unset}2018-10-31 17:47:29.887 2298 [UVEEncoderTrace] Info: InitUVE() Failed to create UVEH264 Service. UVEH264 error = 0x80000000

    !!N {AMD UVD/VCE-unset}2018-10-31 17:47:29.887 2298 [UVEEncoderTrace] Info: Prepare() - Failed to init uveH264 service

    !!N {AMD UVD/VCE-unset}2018-10-31 17:47:29.889 2298 [VCEEncoderTrace] Info: SetProperty(0) CodecId:5

    !!N {AMD UVD/VCE-unset}2018-10-31 17:47:29.889 2298 [VCEEncoderTrace] Info: SetProperty(0) Usage:0

    !!N {AMD UVD/VCE-unset}2018-10-31 17:47:29.889 2298 [VCEEncoderTrace] Info: SetProperty(-1) CABACEnable:0

    !!N {AMD UVD/VCE-unset}2018-10-31 17:47:29.890 2298 [UVEEncoderTrace] Info: InitUVE() Failed to create UVEHEVC Service. UVE error = 0x80000000

    !!N {AMD UVD/VCE-unset}2018-10-31 17:47:29.890 2298 [UVEEncoderTrace] Info: Prepare() - Failed to init uveHEVC service


    Any assistance would be appreciated.


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