Hardware acceleration for AMD RADEON R580 still missed

Discussion in 'Requests and Suggestions' started by 3D-VR-Fan, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. 3D-VR-Fan

    3D-VR-Fan Member

    I miss hardware acceleration decoding for AMD RADEON R580. It is still deactivated.
    Also I miss hardware supported 3d en/decoding. Still on processor instead of GPU.
    Am I supposed to by NVIDIA GPU because of poor software and driver support of AMD?
  2. amazing

    amazing Well-Known Member

    there working on amd look at the bluray support and youll see
  3. 3D-VR-Fan

    3D-VR-Fan Member

    As otherwise described, now there is certain support of encoding with R580 for WIN10 version only,but not for WIN7.
    Is there somethin planned to activate this on Win7?