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    I want to install a blu ray drive in my current computer but have never done it before. I wanted to know if my computer will be able to run the drive. I have the ribbon and power supply already and running windows XP with 1GB of RAM with a Pentium 4, 2.80Ghz processor. Will I need more RAM to use the blu ray drive? I don't want the blu ray drive to crash my computer.
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    Run Blue Ray In 1 Gb of Ram

    Can't say i have ever tried it with that little RAM. I doubt it will crash your computer but it certainly will tax it a little. May i suggest that any computer struggles with less than 1.5Gb, 2Gb is about the minimum required for half decent performance, I use around that ripping a blue ray and very rarely exced 2.5Gb.

    I would guess your PC must be at least 8 years old, odds are the other bits are every bit as old, whilst i run my own 24" screen at 1080P, can't honestly see the point of trying to watch a blue ray on it.

    Is your graphics card and screen up to the task?, if not you my be better watching on a HD ready TV via a cheap BD player.
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    Don't want to watch it on the computer, just burn to blu ray then watch on blu ray player via regular TV.
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    Windows XP will run just fine with 384MB of RAM. That said, the recommended RAM for PowerDVD 12 is 2GB. Cyberlink, however, says only 512MB are needed but 1GB is better for Blu-ray playback and 3-D support needs 2GB (see here). Arcsoft Total Media Theater 5 system requirements say 1GB for Blu-ray playback and 2GB for 3-D (see here).

    As long as the OP doesn't want to view movies in 3-D, 1 GB should be adequate with Windows XP. With Vista or Windows 7 I would recommend more especially if you run a 64 bit OS.

    Edit: Ripping and burning should work okay too.
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