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    I'm having a slightly different problem that I've never seen before. I cant get Handbrake to convert the AnyDVD rip to completion. The movie length itself is 2:09:34 , but the finished encode stops at 1:33:09.

    I know this isn't Handbrake support, but I think there may be some sort of Protection issue. Hear me out.

    Handbrake logs show that it breaks after Chapter 18 (25 chapters total). However, it acts as if the encode completed successfully.

    [10:09:53] sync: "Chapter 18" (18) at frame 127874 time 480003273
    src/libbluray/bluray.c:689: Skipping broken unit at 22932750336

    * I have re-ripped the disc to both Folder format and ISO format using AnyDVD 8.2.0.
    * The same ISO and Folder source plays correctly, start to finish in Total Media Theatre
    * I have tried all MPLS playlists including 800
    * I have tried tricking Handbrake into ripping every last second except for the last few.

    Any thoughts?

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    Post split and moved. Your problem has zero to do with the topic you posted in (finding a specific playlist), and you say it yourself this isn't handbrake support. You also say both your folder and iso rip play correctly from start to finish: meaning there is no protection issue, period. You need to contact handbrake support.
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    Sure. Try CloneBD.