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    I have Hacksaw Ridge but don't have access to the disc right now. I am trying to figure what playlist it uses so I can watch on my laptop while out of town. On another forum I found someone posted the segment map as follows:

    Segment map: 509,513,502,514,520,517,508,505,515,501,506,503,516,519,512,504,507,518,510,511

    If this is correct, the playlist is (snip).mpls for my disc. Could someone please confirm that this is the correct segment map?

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  2. nonsence

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    Playlist (snip) matches playlist (snip) on my copy as well...

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    @nonsense please do not mention playlists on the forum. They're useless to others as your version may not be the same as theirs. And no, without a logfile we can't confirm any playlist you say is the right one.

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  4. Pete

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    If AnyDVD doesn't display a playlist in the status window, please post a log file.
    Even if you know the playlist, the disc is not fixed by that, it will not play in full disc mode, without AnyDVD properly handling it.
  5. nonsence

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    OK, sorry for posting the playlist than.

    I think the segment map would be helpful regardless of which version of the disc one has.

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    Yeah, unfortunately I didn't realize there was an issue until I was out of town. I tried to remux from what I had, but the segments would actually change order after the remux. I think this must be due to what you say regarding also not playing properly in full disc mode.

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  6. Ch3vr0n

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    Please do not double post, minutes apart. Use the edit link below your post instead. Posts merged.

    Nope, that's not what it's "due" to. It's due to the the screenpass protection not being correctly removed because anydvd didn't have the needed data in the OPD. Thus the protection kicks in and redirects to a playlist with scrambled scenes. Thats aside from the "full disc mode" what pete meant. Delete what you have, and provide a logfile from the original disc or pete can't help you.
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    region a

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    @blaster27 Whats the problem? Yours has the playlist already mentioned.
  9. blaster27

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    it was still playing out of order. i just added speedmenus, fixed it for me...
  10. Ch3vr0n

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    Speedmenu is a workaround. @Pete will need to do his magic to allow for full disc playback without the need for speedmenu