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    I am having trouble removing the Cinavia protection from this disc. I have both boxes checked in Anydvd for Cinavia removal and for the prevention of detection and have the downgrade audio checked in ClonBD and the Anydvd logo does not turn purple when it is copying the disc. I have attached the file log from CloneBD as well as from Anydvd. I am running version of Anydvd. When I played the copy back it does indeed mute after 21 min of playing. Any help on why it is not removing the Cinavia protection would be much appreciated.


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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Please do not hijack someone elses topic with a completely unrelated issue. Cinavia has nothing to do with playlist support.
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    I believe he's indicating the Cinavia isn't being removed and audio is muted after 21 minutes. I've also experienced lately a few DVD's that are muting after 21 minutes which is a result of the Cinavia not being blocked or removed. His question & request for support doesn't require your snippit, expand on the reply with useful information or assist if possible. I'd like the problem addressed too! Is AnyDVD unable to block or remove the Cinavia protection?
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    AmyDVD will only remove Cinavia from Blurays currently, it can block Cinavia on DVD's only in a software player in a computer. Currently cheap DVD (Only) players do not support Cinavia as it is not part of the current DVD Standard.
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    @Doug J before you go on the attack of a moderator make sure you have all the facts. The open was posted in a Blu-ray section topic about playlists. DVD's don't have playlists and cinavia has nothing to do with anydvd (not) mentioning playlists in the status window. Which means it was in the wrong section and in the wrong topic, as a moderator it is my job to move things to the correct place and inform why it was done. Which is exactly what my response does. No more no less.

    I'll leave it at that.

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    Ch3vr0n, Your response is noted & appreciate the need to maintain an organized forum; although the thread and the search link located on the forum's main page for End User's searching the subject matter begins at EJ12345's post. It may be in the wrong section, but to a User & purchaser of AnyDVD the post was discussing the issue several may be experiencing and in search of a resolution.

    Recognizing the Poster's request for support, redirecting, placing the post in proper location or a response to inform with a short explanation similar to Sondeterra that included your request to post in correct area might be more informative... not just to original poster, but to others using the forum as intended; as a support tool. I'm an End User of the product and to my simplistic understanding of menu options within product including ciniavia my frustration was not focused on proper thread or your quip but the lack of information to help address the problem.

    My apologies on following a link & using the incorrect thread.
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  7. EJ12345

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    Thanks Sondeterra, I was using a Blu-ray Disc so I'm still not sure why it did not remove the cinavia. Would you know of any reason why it would not remove it? Or some sort of work around when this issue arises? :)

  8. Ch3vr0n

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    Because you likely didn't do it right. Just enabling the removal checkbox isn't enough, you need to downscale audio.

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  9. goncal

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    According to first post
    And I am most likely wrong but the CloneBD log bears this out
  10. VirtualRipper

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    Still trying to understand Cinavia....I copied Hacksaw Ridge, and converted with Hand Brake and watched with VLC. I didn't have any audio issues...Even though my remove Cinavia protection box was NOT checked. Is this because I wasn't playing back using a licensed BR player? Ie, VLC doesn't understand Cinavia codes, therefore it didn't respond and played the H.264 stream just fine?
  11. Tourist

    Tourist Well-Known Member

    Exactly !
  12. VirtualRipper

    VirtualRipper Well-Known Member

    OK...So we just have to wait for the industry to get together and put DRM into computer hardware...
  13. Ch3vr0n

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    They already have indirectly, with the system requirements for UHD playback on PC.
  14. VirtualRipper

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    How about if I played back that H.264 stream on a PS3 using Plex? Would that process identify the Cinavia protection? Just concerned about future playability of my currently ripped Cinavia discs.

    It looks like complete removal of Cinavia requires CloneBD? From reading here, it looks like the Cinavia removal process lowers the audio quality. To what extent is it lowered?
  15. Ch3vr0n

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    Plex doesn't give a rats ass about Plex, the PS3 on the other hand could complain. It does indeed require CloneBD, audio gets downconverted to 5.1 ac3 and there's a side effect to the background audio. In your case I'd first try streaming without removing. If the ps3 doesn't complain, there's no need to remove it.

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  16. ddjmagic

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    If you play/stream from your Plex server using the PS3 DLNA/file playback then you will be hit by the Cinavia warning/mute.
    If your use the Plex app you will be fine.

    No need to worry, Cinavia biggest weakness is it needs to be supported by the player - there are loads of players out there that don't support cinavia and there always will be.
  17. VirtualRipper

    VirtualRipper Well-Known Member

    Interesting that Sony didn't implement the detection at a lower level so no matter what the playback method, it would be trapped.

    I don't know if I'd go that far....It would just be a matter for Intel/AMD etc to start putting whatever DRM detection into it's chipsets. If it got put in at the right level, then any data processing on the data stream, even coming in from a USB device, could shut it down. It would get harder and harder to crack.
  18. ddjmagic

    ddjmagic Well-Known Member

    As far as Cinavia is concerned I would go that far.
    Cinavia will only ever be required for players that need an AACS license (players that actually play retail discs) any other player does not support Cinavia.
    Because of this, Cinavia was broken from day 1 - there has never been a day that Cinavia content couldn't be played somewhere. The options are actually getting wider now, from Smart TV's and streaming devices to the flood of cheap Android TV boxes, not to mention any PC with AnyDVD running.

    Sure new advanced DRM techniques have and will come along and be harder or maybe impossible to crack, but that won't affect your currently ripped discs.
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  19. VirtualRipper

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    I guess you are more confident than I am. If you look at what's happening in the world...The ownership of everything is starting to be controlled by fewer and fewer larger companies. Sony is almost a complete veritical market...making content, distributing, making the player, making the amplifier, and making the display. They could put something Cinavia like in the stream, put the detection in the display, and shut it all down.

    It doesn't take much of a stretch now at somepoint, to have say, Samsung need some intellectual property of Sony, and Sony saying we'll let you have access to it, if you also implement our DRM into your displays..."
  20. Ch3vr0n

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    This is going way of topic but you need to look more into what's required for cinavia. Cinavia is required by the Blu-ray standard! Not device manufacturers themselves. Whether it's a display me something else is irrelevant. Unless they start making screens with a built in LICENSED player, cinavia isn't going to be in it. Now can we get back on topic please. This is not a 'how does cinavia work/requirements discussion' topic

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