Hacksaw Ridge BD

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    AnyDVD does not properly detect Hacksaw Ridge Blu-ray:
    • Takes a very long time to scan.
    • PowerDVD 16 will not play the disc when AnyDVD is enabled. It just sits at a black screen. Plays fine with AnyDVD disabled.
    • AnyDVD does not detect the proper playlist - and it appears this title uses ScreenPass based on other forum posts and it being a Lionsgate disc.
    Details of my particular disc:
    • Region A
    • UPC: 0-31398-25954-1
    • Amazon ID: B01LTHZVSS
    • Ziplog attached

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  2. Pete

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    Try again now, please.
  3. Frumpalumpoulus

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    That fixed it, thank you.