Guide to prepare and merge a 2 part movie to 1

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    Guide to prepare and merge a 2 part movie to 1 based on LORD OF THE RINGS – THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING (EXTENDED)“ for beginners

    Anyway, there are always several possibilities to make this happen. I try to show you an easy way for beginners and at the same time to show the correct usage of the required programs. Some will say this can also be done using other methods, therefore this is just one potential path.

    Required programs (always use the newest releases)

    -Virtual Clone Drive

    -CloneBD beta


    -TS MUXER GUI 2.6.15 (Nightly build from 2021-02-13-01-46-27)

    - BDInfo

    I assume that you have made yourself familiar already with these programs.

    As a first you need to rip part 1 and part 2 to ISO files of the UHD versions of THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING to your hard disk.

    Now we use Virtual Clone Drive and create 2 virtual drives. (See picture 01)

    Picture 01

    Then we load the 2 ISOs as a first and second virtual drive (right click on „Virtual Clone Drive“ icon – here drive E: and G: - load image file

    Bild 01.png

    It should now look like the picture below. (See picture 02)

    Bild 02.png
    Picture 02

    Now you go different routes but to better understand the usage of TS MUXER I base it on this program. However, we need to identify the right MPLS files (play lists) in advance. This can be done very easily with CloneBD, which can be used of course also for the previous steps (e.g. making the ISOs). Here we use it to look at the preview. (See pictures 03-05)

    Bild 03.png
    Picture 03

    Bild 04.png
    Picture 04

    Bild 05.png
    Picture 05

    You can see that I marked for part 1 and part 2 the play list 803 as the correct one for processing.

    Now we start the pre-processing with TsMuxer

    We now load part 1 in TsMuxer and remove with the function (remove) the checked lines we don’t need. You need to create two folders in advance where you store the pre-processed ISOs. (See pictures 06-10)

    Bild 06.png
    Picture 06

    Bild 07.png
    Picture 07

    Bild 08.png
    Picture 08

    Bild 09.png

    Bild 10.png
    Picture 09 and picture 10
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    Now we have to take care of the subtitles, because we still not know their content. For this purpose we take an intermediate step and extract them (DEMUX). (See picture 11 and 12)

    Bild 11.png
    Picture 11

    Bild 12.png
    Picture 12

    Here you can already guess that the first is the full subtitle track and the second is the forced sub track looking at the file size. However, we want to take a look with SubtitleEdit and eventually we need to process them. We see in the pictures 13 (sub 4770) and 14 (sub 4787) that the first one is a full subtitle but the second one is not a forced subtitle. We should respect this when we further process in TsMuxer and have to adjust the sequence and the enforcement of the forced subtitle (see picture 15 and 16). Just use „UP“ to move the stream 19 one line up and make with Blu-ray the adjustments. (See pictures 15 and 16)

    Bild 13.png
    Picture 13

    Bild 14.png
    Picture 14

    Bild 15.png
    Picture 15

    Bild 16.png
    Picture 16

    So – now you have made it so far and can start to mux. (see picture 17)

    You have to follow this process again with part 2 of the movie exactly the same way. As a result we will have the two folders with the prepared ISOs of part 1 and part 2. We unload the original ISOs in VirtualCloneDrive and go to the next step to cut the parts of the ISOs we just prepared.

    Bild 17.png
    Picture 17

    The correct cut timing

    It doesn’t occur very often but sometimes a pause (black screen) is inserted between part 1 and part 2 of the movie. This pause varies for all of the three movies. For all of the three movies you need to apply specific time codes for the cuts (precise frame cut). It doesn’t matter if you want to leave the pause (black screen) in or not the cut has to be a precise frame cut. Otherwise the sound will become asynchronous starting with part 2 of the movie. Here we will remove the black screen and combine both parts. The appropriate cut time codes are provided here but they were taken from another forum and not determined by myself. These were taken from sound track professionals. If you are lucky you will receive these frame accurate time codes from them

    Now we load the prepared ISOs of part 1 and part 2 as virtual drives with Virtual CloneDrive. Then we create again 2 output folders ( e.g. HDR TEIL 1 (CUT) and HDR TEIL 2 (CUT)). (See picture 18)

    PS: You could now also do this in one step but for beginners we do everything separately.

    Bild 18.png
    Picture 18

    Firstly here all the cut time codes before we start:


    Disc 1 01:45:38.129

    Disc 2 00:00:02.001


    Disc 1 01:46:34.179

    Disc 2 00:00:02.001


    Disc 1 02:07:35.229

    Disc 2 00:00:02.001

    We need per disc always the time codes for start and end.

    Disc 1 always 00:00:00.000 (start) and

    Disc 2 also always the exact end time code (see FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING 01:45:43.377 in TsM above!)

    Now load again part 1 of the virtual drive in TsM. Then we enter the appropriate cut times under Split & Cut richtig . (See picture19)

    Start to mux.

    Repeat the same with part 2. (See picture 20)

    Bild 19.png
    Bild 19

    Bild 20.png
    Picture 20
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    OK – Now we have made all preparations. Let’s join the 2 parts of the movie

    Create an output folder „DER HERR DER RINGE 1-DIE GEFÄHRTEN (EXTENDED)“ an. (See picture 21)

    Unmount the virtual drives and load the cut ISOs of part 1 and part 2. Then we start again TsM and load (always using add - Playlist 00000) part 1, then using join – Playlist 00000 part 2. It should look like picture 22. As soon as all settings are made like in picture 23 we can start to mux.

    Picture 21

    Bild 22.png
    Bild 23.png

    Picture 22/23

    If everything has been done correctly the movie should play 100% synchronously regarding audio and video and should match this BDinfo scan. (See picture 24)

    Bild 24.png
    Picture 24

    Furthermore I received the much better HD MASTER 7.1 sound tracks from these sound track professionals as well as much better readable forced subs I could provide as well. Therefore I also explain the exchange of audio tracks and subs.

    Exchange of audio tacks and subtitles

    Again we start loading of the ISO „DER HERR DER RINGE 1-DIE GEFÄHRTEN (EXTENDED)“ as a virtual drive. And we need a temporary folder. („Neuer Ordner“ picture 25)

    Bild 25.png
    Bild 25

    Then we start TsM and use add-playlist00000. We delete the old sound track and the first subtitle (forced sub) using remove and add the new HD MASTER 7.1 to the most upper field (E:BDMV\STREAM etc.) as well as the new forced sub (just drag it in). Then we finalize the TS and the forced sub to ger (German)- in Language.

    Now we just have to move the TS and the forced sub using up in the right sequence.

    If you have done everything correctly it should look like this. (See pictures 26 and 27)

    Bild 26.png
    Picture 26

    Bild 27.png
    Picture 27

    If you have done everything correctly it should look like this. (See picture 28)

    Bild 28.png
    Picture 28

    Now you can enjoy the best sound and best picture given you have the appropriate equipment.


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