Guide for flashing UHD drives for AnyDVD / Important!!

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    Latest versions before encryption was implemented MUST be flashed FIRST with either ASUS BW-16D1HT 3.10MK or LG WH16NS60 1.02MK before any other drive specific other firmware can be flashed. So if flashing fails - first flash one of those. Then you can flash whatever firmware you like in a second step.
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    This is simply not true!
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    Billy stated this and that was my understanding of it:

    The newer OEM firmwares cannot be flashed easily due to the additional downgrade checks implemented by the drive/firmware manufacturer. If your drive has one of these firmwares, and there is no MK version of the same firmware/drive model or higher number, you will have to sidegrade to Asus 3.10MK (for compatible ASUS 5.25 drives ONLY) or (LG WH16NS60 1.02MK for compatible LG 5.25) or (BU40N 1.03MK LG Slim drives ONLY) respectively. (Note: MK firmware is available for firmware versions mentioned above.) Keeping the flashing of firmware in these scenarios within their respective family of drives/firmware (e.g ASUS firmware for ASUS drives and LG firmware for LG drives) at this stage of flashing. Then afterwards if that initial flash is successful you can move to different firmware respectively if you would like a different and compatible firmware version for the drive in question.
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    Yes, it used to be that way, however basically all common drive models now have a MK equivalent, so that cross-flash is generally not necessary.
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    So the resulting rule of thumb should be:

    Flash your drive with the SAME version you have on it using the SAME MK version, e.g.

    BH16NS55 1.04 -> BH16NS55 1.04 MK

    If you have encrypted firmware, flash the "encrypted" MK firmware that fits your firmware version, e.g. 1.05 -> 1.05 MK using the "enc" checkbox.

    If you like you can then afterwards (but only afterwards) downgrade your firmware to e.g. 1.03 or cross- or sidegrade to other firmwares.

    "enc" checkbox is not needed and is mandatory not be checked as soon as a MK firmware has been flashed to the drive.

    @MartyMcNuts ,

    can you confirm please?
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    FYI, I've double checked the MK firmware pack and only the WH16NS40-NS50 does not have a 1.04, however, there is a BH16NS40-NS50 1.04, so this will work. All other common drives have their previous version in the MK firmware pack.

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