Guide for flashing UHD drives for AnyDVD / Important!!

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    Latest versions before encryption was implemented MUST be flashed FIRST with either ASUS BW-16D1HT 3.10MK or LG WH16NS60 1.02MK before any other drive specific other firmware can be flashed. So if flashing fails - first flash one of those. Then you can flash whatever firmware you like in a second step.
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    This should be merged with your other discussion, or put up on the top of this Forum section.

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    This is simply not true!
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    Billy stated this and that was my understanding of it:

    The newer OEM firmwares cannot be flashed easily due to the additional downgrade checks implemented by the drive/firmware manufacturer. If your drive has one of these firmwares, and there is no MK version of the same firmware/drive model or higher number, you will have to sidegrade to Asus 3.10MK (for compatible ASUS 5.25 drives ONLY) or (LG WH16NS60 1.02MK for compatible LG 5.25) or (BU40N 1.03MK LG Slim drives ONLY) respectively. (Note: MK firmware is available for firmware versions mentioned above.) Keeping the flashing of firmware in these scenarios within their respective family of drives/firmware (e.g ASUS firmware for ASUS drives and LG firmware for LG drives) at this stage of flashing. Then afterwards if that initial flash is successful you can move to different firmware respectively if you would like a different and compatible firmware version for the drive in question.
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    Yes, it used to be that way, however basically all common drive models now have a MK equivalent, so that cross-flash is generally not necessary.
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    So the resulting rule of thumb should be:

    Flash your drive with the SAME version you have on it using the SAME MK version, e.g.

    BH16NS55 1.04 -> BH16NS55 1.04 MK

    If you have encrypted firmware, flash the "encrypted" MK firmware that fits your firmware version, e.g. 1.05 -> 1.05 MK using the "enc" checkbox.

    If you like you can then afterwards (but only afterwards) downgrade your firmware to e.g. 1.03 or cross- or sidegrade to other firmwares.

    "enc" checkbox is not needed and is mandatory not be checked as soon as a MK firmware has been flashed to the drive.

    @MartyMcNuts ,

    can you confirm please?
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    FYI, I've double checked the MK firmware pack and only the WH16NS40-NS50 does not have a 1.04, however, there is a BH16NS40-NS50 1.04, so this will work. All other common drives have their previous version in the MK firmware pack.

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    I have a question...sorry if it may look a dumb one, but I am not an expert in these things.:unsure:
    This is the drive I have right now:
    1.jpg Reading this post you say: "Important: If your drive says something older than 2015, e.g. 2114, DO NOT FLASH! Your drive is too old !!!!!!"

    So I assume I am safe in this regards, correct ?
    It look like the actual version od the firmware is 1.01
    Which firmware I should use to update it ?

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    There is no need to flash this drive - It is friendly.The date 2115 is a bug - It has to be 2015. You can upgrade to LG 1.02MK ASUS 3.10 MK etc. for some testing. I would recomand to go to a newer FW. because 1.01 is a bit slower in reading UHD-BD and normal BD.
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  10. Swiso

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    Hello kufo, thank you for the explanation.
    I will update the firmware to latest release, 1.05

    Thanks !
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    Please don't upgrade to the offical FW! Of you do so your drive won't be friendly anymore!!! Take one of the MK versions that are linked in @coopervid guide. You can find this on the MakeMKV page.

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    Thanks for the warning !
    Thank god i have not yet upgraded...
    I will check the ones on the sites yiu suggested.

  13. kufo

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  14. Swiso

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    Yes, you wife...asked to do some stuff on her pc.... for once it was a blessing ! :)
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  15. coopervid

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    It's as easy as to follow the guide. I really can't understand why you came up with all of this. The guide was written very conservatively so nobody makes any dumb moves.
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    Sorry coopervid,
    If I asked these questions was because even after reading your guide, I was not sure what I had to do...I am not an expert in this regard (optical drives and their relatives "problems")
    Luckily, forum exist to ask questions before doing stupid trhings (hopefully), and not after you've done them...

    Anyway...after re-reading your guide, it look like I can flash my drive with the ASUS BW-16D1HT 3.10 MK firmware, right ? You say that in your opinion this is the best firmware for these drives. I am right ?
    Best regards

    Edit: I might add that English is not my mother language...
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    It depends on what you want to do 1.02 is better for writing and 3.10 is better for faster reading. If you only read 3 10 will be first choice.
  18. Swiso

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    I want writing...
    Where I find 1.02 ?
  19. coopervid

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    Writing is a completly other topic. I still recommend to flash the ASUS 3.10 MK for reading.

    Writing works for all LG type firmwares for BD-25. If you want to write BD-50 all of these LG based drives fail miserably and you need a Pioneer drive. Let us know if BD-25 is sufficient. If no we can post related recommendations.
  20. Swiso

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    Ok i will go with ASUS then.
    Yes BD 25 is enough.
    I plan to build a new pc and probably wil go with external optical drives...
    I can look for a suitable Pioneer drive for BD > 25..