Grudge 2


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I'm reluctant to give this piece of advice. I'll start by saying I *HIGHLY* recommend you get CloneDVD. Even if you only use it as a ripper, it's still worth it. Nonetheless, if you want to do it the hard way, there is one more option. If you download VobBlanker you can use it as a ripper in combination with AnyDVD. For the source pick the DVD drive and for the output directory pick a directory on your hard drive. Then just hit process. That will rip the entire DVD to your hard drive and you will be able to open the hard drive folder with Shrink. IMO, CloneDVD is easier, but, VobBlanker is free.

(DetroitBaseball...btw, FixVTS will not help in this situation. James tried it, it didn't work)