Great Advice On Product Use But How To Install Info Was Missing Please Help!

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by lmc, Nov 30, 2017.

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    Received great information on AnyDVD Vs. 7._ _ _... from RedFox1 last night, but I needed the how to install info, too. Have spent the past several hours this morning researching how to and attempting key install and a couple of hours last night doing it last night all hours leading to no actual activation and install - need a simple step by step.
    At this point I have the key downloaded and the highest level of AnyDVDHD Downloaded in same folder.

    Nothing I've done so far works and I've attached the final post btwn RedFox1 and me last night to this email.

    If you could help by posting a simple step by step procedure I'd greatly appreciate it!

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    1. Install software
    2. Double click license key (as specified in the purchase email!)
    3. Profit!

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    Make sure AnyDVDHD is not running exit out of the software before double clicking on the license file. Then reboot and you will be registered.