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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by jonnyt, Jul 29, 2018.

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    Hi, could anyone help with an issue I have regarding a graphic driver. It’s about 3 months since I’ve used anydvd/ clonebd, when trying to rip a Blu Ray disc yesterday, a pop up informed me that I needed to update the graphics card driver from to I downloaded the latest driver, then another pop up advised me that the driver cannot install as my pc did not have the minimum requirements. So, obviously I cannot at the moment use the clone bd software. I am not sure whether this is a clone bd bug or a Windows 10 issue.
    The laptop I’m using is only about a year old, it’s quite a decent asus model using i7 quad core with loads of hard drive space as well as Intel HD Graphics family.
    If anyone can help, I’d be truly grateful. John
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    If you have a branded driver, the assistant probably won’t be able to install it. You need to download the latest generic intel graphics driver (in zip file on intel support site) and install it via device manager. After that the assistant will work to keep up to date.
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    That is not true.
    The only limitation you have, is that you can't use hardware acceleration, but CloneBD will happily work without.
    It simply informs you, that the GPU driver is outdated. I suggest disabling hw acceleration in CloneBD's settings (in case CloneBD didn't do that anyway).

    I have no idea what kind of GPU you even have, it is quite likely, that it wouldn't do much in terms of acceleration anyway.

    A CloneBD log file from any kind of disc transcode would help clear things up.
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    I also use Intel Graphics and essentially have the same problem. The driver CloneBD recommends would not install in my computer...

    That CloneBD message pops up all the time but can be disabled.

    I believe it's really just informational. I have no problem using CloneBD despite it. No problems even using h/w acceleration.

    Did something happen to actually prevent you from proceeding in CloneBD?

  5. Ch3vr0n

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    It probably won't install because your PC manufacturer tweaked it's version to say the generic one is 'incompatible' which isn't true.

    Try this:

    - Download the zipped version of the latest driver, and extract it to a folder
    - go into device manager, right click the Intel display and select properties
    - go to the driver section and click update driver
    - instead of doing the online search, pick the manual option and browse to that folder you extracted
    - it should see an .inf file, and click ok
    - there might be a box to only 'list compatible devices' or something and tick that. T stuff then show yours
    - confirm everything and it should update just fine.

    From that point on you'll then also be able to use the update assistant. It's a well known trick employed by OEM's, and because they very rarely update drivers, consumers get screwed over on security updates and improvements because of it.

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