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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by Canucker6, Feb 7, 2007.

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    I got the trail version on Anydvd, and well I am still having trouble backing up my movies. I get them on my hd ripping them with Anydvd, but then when I go to use shrink, it can't open them or I end up getting a error about shrink doesn't have the memory space storage or something like that, any thoughts?
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    Try This!!

    Do not first rip with AnyDVD! Download DVD decrypter (free), then open Shrink( Provided it's not SAW 3 or THE GRUDGE 2 or some brand new encrypted hard one) and let it anaylize the movie! If the bar on top is all green your golden! If there is some red , start unchecking useless stuff to you, like french subtitles etc, till it is all green! MAKE SURE AnyDVD is on and leave it alone! It will do it's thing in the background. When movie is encoded, it will ask if to burn with DVD Decrypter . Select yes! Whala, a backed up movie! Worked for me and still does to this day!!
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    Download the trial version of CloneDVD2 and use that with AnyDVD andyou have 21 days of free trial to let us know how you make out.
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    Or you can use CloneDVD. But this is not likely related to the poster's actual problem.
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    I highlighted a part of the thread starter’s initial post.
    I am thinking some hard drive clean-up is in order. Basically this line hints that the thread starter has not enough storage space to save the compressed VOB-files.

    Also run a Scan Disk to fix lost clusters – and regain some disk space.
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    Burning problems

    Here's what to do....leave AnyDVD does it's own thing...when you insert a for the fox on your taskbar to fade and then come back, then, only if your movie is longer than 2hrs and 10 min. use Shrink..making a folder to copy the files to. You don't need a Decryter just get CloneDVD2 ....if a movie doest have to be shrunk I burn directly thru CloneDVD..if it is shrunk...just use CloneDVD...browse for that folder and burn as you would regularly.....hope this
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    I hope that he (the guy that started this thread) gets his movie working.

    I've had problems with Click a week ago, and did just what one of the other posters suggested, used CloneDVD2, and then DVD Shrink to put the files to 4.38 GB, burned the DVD, and even created an ISO copy of the movie for a backup, and that took care of all of my problems.