Gosh I guess I just had to much fath in slysoft

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    I've been using anydvd, clonecd along with clonedvd2 and life was good so like a lot of other people I went all in for the anydvd-hd and clonebd and now I just shake my head. It is so iffy one time it works fine the next time it just seems to take hours and hours and there still is no consistency. I've tried everything I could think of from buring to a iso then to a mp4 or going for the mp4 the first thing. I've shut down the machine to purge the memory to see if that would work. Funnyy sometimes it does but 4hour+ to rip and copy one 22gig Blu-ray just doesn't seem to get it. Any one know of a better system out there that really works correct?
    I really trusted Slysoft and have been with then since 2004.
    To Bad. Sure wish they could have tested Thorley before releasing clonebd. This reminds me of all the fun MS used to put us threw when they would relies a new OS.
    Oh I'm running I7-3930 3.20GHz wit 32 GB on a evga x79 mombo with 2 evga GTX-770 in SLI,1200w power supply and 2 pioneer BDR-208M SCSI. So I believe3 I have the power to do the job.

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    Prior your purchase I assume that you read the very clear info about this software being a BETA. Is this correct?

    Also, since initial release several updates have been issued. For me personally this has taken CloneBD from unusable to pretty solid and wellworking.

    I tried Avatar extended ed and Frozen, none worked at initial release since CloneBD crashed, after latest update both come through flying.

    Give this beta more than 25 days before moaning. If your patience is not sufficient then make a note for yourself never to buy beta software again :)
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    (Prior your purchase I assume that you read the very clear info about this software being a BETA. Is this correct?) No! Could you point that out to me. On SlySoft product page, it says NOTHING about BETA anywhere. But I guess YOU can read finer print. You sound like YOU do work for SLYSOFT!
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    On the main page of Slysoft's website it doesn't state anything about this being a beta release. It states that this is the first "public release" of CloneBD and at no point mentions that the software is still in the beta stage. The only thing it does mention is that 3D blu-ray and H.265/HEVC is not supported at this time, but will be soon. The rest of the info leads one to believe that the program functions as advertised.

    Not everyone uses Slysoft's forum, so plenty of people are likely purchasing this software without realizing it's still in beta.
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    Count me in on that one. If it's beta essentially they're charging us around 100USD to test the beta release and report all the issues so they can get it running as advertised on the main page. I had no idea it was beta and a lot of places either pay or recruit volunteer beta testers, which appears now to be what we all are doing, unknowingly. No wonder it doesn't work and what about all those rather pricey coasters? I quit trying after about 6 or 7 times but I'll wager there's folks lost quite a bit of money beta testing. Uncool and very surprising that a company such as slysoft/elby would pull the wool over our eyes with this maneuver. Shocked
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    Still a beta? Who says that? A public beta was released and this was
    That was the only beta. After no beta anymore!

    100 USD for beta-testing sounds strange....but somehow this sounds possible...
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    Here's where it's coming from. No "official" slysoft rep or mod has denied it and above link confirms it sooo?

    Yesterday, 01:00
    Prior your purchase I assume that you read the very clear info about this software being a BETA. Is this correct?

    I did not see that statement anywhere and it should be posted right where you buy it so you're aware you're essentially paying for the right to test the software. Unbelievable.

    Not working either. What I read that release was the "first" beta release so it quite possible these are the 2nd, 3rd, etc.
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    I bought a license to test a software...great.
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    No, apparently you bought the software without testing. Slysoft has, and still does, give at least a 21 day trial. If you purchased without trying it, whose fault is that?

    Slysoft/Elby has been working on this for quite some time and all they heard was whining and to bring it out, no matter what condition it's in. Now they bring it out, and all they hear is griping because they brought it out and there are problems.

    You can gripe about the length of time it took, you can gripe about the released product being below Slysoft/Elby standards. But you can't gripe because you bought it without trying it first, that is on you.
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    You're absolutely spot on with most of your observations. I bought the product without the trial based on past experience with their products. My mistake. However I take issue with this comment....

    So what let 'em whine but don't dump an unfinished product on us. IMHO the deadline was Xmas condition be damned. Yeah it's my fault for putting my faith in them and not taking the trial, but that doesn't excuse them for selling an abysmal product that still doesn't work right. Other companies can do it, are those employees that much better? And what about the 2 CloneBD's? How can that fly? Aren't there laws concerning that stuff? Sorry for the negativity but extremely disappointed.
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    That's true, but CloneBD was the only one public beta, because the download link was published in the corresponding thread mentioned above and not on the official website.
    All other versions are not declared as public betas, even if they still have bugs. My statement is no excuse and I don't work for Slysoft, however, these are the facts.
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    Slysoft/Elby changed the name from Slyce (which they wanted to use) to CloneBD because of a software name conflict. If a Chinese company uses the same name, they very well can't do anything about that, can they? There are copycats of some of their other software too (Any DVD, CloneDVD, etc). They can't just keep changing names.

    You try before you buy. If you don't like it, don't buy it. And I would be willing to bet that they have learned much more about different problems since the release, than they would have learned from all of the beta testers for months.
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    The only one they admit to. The product is nowhere near complete, I have yet to get a successful back up, so how does anybody know if it's still not beta. It's certainly not a finished product so does that mean it's beta and just not called beta....I dunno I just wish it worked and learned a hard lesson buying before trying.
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    A lot of people are using it successfully. The good thing is that it is a Slysoft/Elby product, they do listen to their customer base, and they will get it fixed...it just may take a while.
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    No question there but at a lot of folks expense and exasperation like me that trusted the company and failed to take the trial.
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    Elby did NOT change the name specifically because of a SOFTWARE NAME conflict. When I initially enquired about it for my FAQ about the then still called 'Slyce', all I was told is the name changed because of a TRADEMARK issue. And a trademark can' be anything, from a software to clothing brand or even because of similarity in a product name.

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    I guess certain countries recognize other's trademarks and such but apparently all don't for example Clonebd. Gotta admit they kinda "outfoxed the fox" in snagging the domain name, thus making competitions much easier to find. Too bad nothing can be done, can't be a good thing.
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    Here, here mmdavis!! Could not have said it any better myself. :clap::rock:
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    I didn't realise there was now a CloneBD Forum here. Thanks for getting this started.

    You can put me down as one who has been following this software here for 4+ years, and cannot believe they are charging folks $100 to be (essentially) Beta testers.

    Thankfully I did try the Beta, the first commercial release (which said nothing about Beta at the time) and 2 or 3 versions since but still it's crap. I even created a clean OS Drive (Windows 7 Ultimate 64) with only Win7 on the SSD + Clone BD. But still no Joy so I didn't buy.:mad: There is some relationship with Myce http://club.myce.com/f207/ as it appears they are the Official Support Site. :confused:

    I struggle to find a justification for a company to bleed their extremely loyal Customer base with such an obviously premature release. Commercially they may get away with it, but morally they are wrong.