Gone baby gone PowerDVD ultra stops at FBI warning

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    I have the LG GGC-H20L and the latest version of AnyDVDHD, and PowerDVDUltra. I've played two BD movies successfully, but Gone Baby Gone BD from Netflix sticks at the FBI warning, and various Scene selections. Previews run fine, but those are proly not BD 1080i.

    Anyone else have this problem? I have the Diag file file attached.



    19:04 EDT ..downloaded updates to anyDVD and PowerDVD...guess what!?...it works....ha ha ha ha....dancin around...pumping fists...Hoo Hoo!...Hooahhhh!



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    I've this BD in ISO and store in my server. I do not have this problem when playback this BD via PDVD3319a before and PDVD8 now.