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  1. deaconcrusher

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    Okay, my tail of woe.

    Been using the slysoft stuff forever and it's always worked great. Been watching Hi-def with power DVD via xbox 360 HD drive on my PC for months.

    Recently added the Pioneer blu-ray reader.

    Got blu-ray working after some trial and error and then blew it. Changed something, don't remember what and suddenly can't watch blu-ray.

    Updated anydvd (one of the 6.2 updates) updated powerdvd and I can't get it working again. I've since wiped XP xp2 and reinstalled it from scratch.

    No dice.

    Now I'm using Vista 64 and still no dice.

    In every instance what I see (I'm using spidey 3 pack as test disks) is the disk will load in powerdvd (currently running something that I believe is 3319a which sounds like the preferred version around here) I'll get the main menu and that's it, sound of main menu plays, back drop (spidey and other characters loop,) but I can't get the movie to start or jump to a chapter or anything (some button choices result in a "prohibited" popup.)

    This is true with anydvd running or not.

    This is all about playing the disk itself, which I'd like to be able to do.

    latest cyberlink Advisor shows me solid green for HD and blu-ray playback.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  2. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    are you just clicking with the mouse? some films you can only use the keyboard to navigate
  3. kdssrugby

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    I have similar probems, just it only occurs once the movie starts. I can skip chapters and change audio tracks, but when ever I try to open a menu I get the prohibited popup. I get this whether I use the mouse, the keyboard or my cyberlink remote. This happens on movies like the new Die hard and SM3.
  4. deaconcrusher

    deaconcrusher New Member

    And the booby prize goes to me (and thanks to forum responders.)

    Yep, it's as simple as must use Arrow keys to move between blu-ray menu choices (Play, language, extras etc.) and then hit enter key to select.

    Very weird that there's no other way to start the movie from any of the powerdvd pop-up menu choices or buttons on player interface.

    Thanks All.