Glass Castle playlist/warning problems

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    Copied USA version from DVD Xpress and burned with Speed menu option. When playing the movie (standalone player as well as computer) using the "Launch Original Menu" option, at approximately the 4:32 mark, a black screen showing:

    "Dear customer, the disc you've inserted cannot be played due to copyright restrictions. Please visit, a local retail, or online store of choice to purchase a genuine copy. If you try to play back an original disc on your computer and experience a "copy detected" message, please ensure that no ripping or copying tool is actively running while performing the playback".

    Also, Speed Menu shows 9 different playlist options, all movies same time length. Used latest with same results. Problems also shows when viewing movie on computer from mounted image file. Log file attached.

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    @Pete your screenpass magic is requested

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    Please try again, now.
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    Works, thanks very much.
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