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    I'm encountering a problem after ripping Girl, NL/BE Lumiere version
    Box bar code : 5407003481501

    Works fine under TMT

    Kodi 17.6: Starts playing, but if I do a seek, then the movie hangs (displays the same frame, timer of Kodi progresses)

    Kodi 18.3: Is better, but I get artifacts after a seek, then it seems ok

    Ps: version was better then, had with kodi 18.3 artifacts after every scene cut

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    AnyDVD has no control over what plays with Kodi and how or any other third party product. If you were able to rip/decrypt, and the result plays properly in a licensed BD player such as PowerDVD. Then anydvd did its job. Visual artifacts can only be achieved via video recoding (or playback problems) and thats simply not something anydvd can do.