ggw-h20l damages blu-ray discs

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by chinojk, May 8, 2008.

  1. chinojk

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    I have now done this to 3 legit bluray movies. I put the disc in my ggw-h20l burner and it has a hard time reading the discs, I hear a few clicks and then eject the bluray. All 3 of the times this has happened (to different movies) there is physical damage to the disc, all in the same spot (looks like 1/8 of an inch razorblade cut on the outer edge). I was able to successfully back up one of the discs because it was only 12 gb I suppose, and it didn't have to read the outer edge where the damage was. Anyone else have this happen ?:confused:
  2. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    If this is a new drive then I'd contact who you purchased the drive from and LG. I'd definitely request a replacement to begin with.
  3. chinojk

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    I bought it new...a few months old now. It just seems a little odd, because I have backed up many blurays with success before. The movies play fine in powerdvd, and my PS3 but it seems like it happens when AnyDVD reads it (not entirely positive).
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    I decompiled the AnyDVD code for you and found this weird function call:

    if ( == "ggw-h20l") {

    I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. :D

    Uh, yea, anyway, sounds like a defect in the drive. I'd contact them and get it replaced. (And no, it's not possible for this to be happening ONLY when AnyDVD is enabled. More likely you're accessing parts of the disc by ripping that otherwise wouldn't be hit during normal playback. IOW, it sounds like a defective drive head to me that's hitting the edge of the disc.)
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    I have this drive from december and successfully read about 15 blu ray i've writed a single layer BD-RE 25 gb several times to make experiment in backup blu ray movies and i writed 2 times a dual layer BD-RE 50 gb with a backup of the entire ghost rider movie. i think your drive have a defect. you,ve tryed to read a normal dvd full of bytes? you shoud know if the problem is general or limited to the blu ray optical
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    haha...thanks for the input guys! i might be looking for the next gen bd-r writer now :clap:
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    also...I noticed if I let anydvd go until it times out it lets me keep the there a way only decrypt one file ? or to stop it halfway through decryption and let it keep the files ?
  8. SamuriHL

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    Don't use the ripper. Just copy them off the disc in explorer.