Getting stuck at "Lead-In"


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Feb 18, 2007
I have a weird problem with Clone-CD. Whenever I try to burn anything with Clone-CD, I get stuck at the Lead-In. The Buffer is at 0% and the Burnspeed is 0. The program "crashes". I cannot stop the burning process, although there is no "process" at all. The only way to stop the whole thing is to shut down the PC manually. After rebooting the PC and checking the Media that i was trying to burn on, it says that the Disc is empty.
Im using a Plextor 750A with the newest Firmware. I have tried several kinds of discs: Verbatim, Phillips, Memorex, TDK so I would say that is not where the problem lies.
Also I use many kinds of Burn-Programms like Alcohol 120%, Nero Burning Rom, BlindWrite and so on and I never had any problems with those programs.

My guess is that there is something wrong with the drivers, since the whole thing seems to crash even before the burning has started.

Thanks for any help