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  1. ASAPIW2k.sys I picked this filter up somehow and don't remember how I deleted it last time. Any help on editing it out of the register would be nice. Obviously I can get in there but how do I edit once I do?
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    Click Start, Run then type regedit and hit the enter key. Press the F3 key and type ASAPIW2k.sys the delete it by pressing the Delete key. Keep pressing F3 key and Delete key until all enteries are gone.
  3. you da man. worked easier than greased owl poop.
  4. Wasn't there a thread around here somewhere that told what filters were bad and what were good? Can't find it and anydvd still locking up when I try to rip with it. I know it's a problem on this computer because it's working well on two others. Help
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  6. That's the one. Thank you much Webslinger, I swear you must not sleep. No matter when I come on and I keep odd hours you are here. I know the pay ain't great so you must love the job and seem to be doing it well.
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    I get paid to do this? That's news to me. :)

    I enjoy helping people.
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  8. I found these lower filters anydvd pfc elbydelay pxhelp asapiw2k elbycdfl. I removed asapiw2k Anything else need to go? PS anydvd ripping still locking up. Works fine using shrink and anydvd. Just when ripping with anydvd on it's on.
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    I doubt asapiw2k would affect anydvd negatively. pfc and pxhelp20 would be the other two to get rid of; however, I doubt they conflict with anything, and the programs that installed them will cease to work.

    1. Ensure you're using Anydvd
    2. Always state full error messages.
    3. Learn the best way to rip with Anydvd
    4. Run VSO inspector and scan the disc. VSO inspector is a free program. If VSO inspector reports read errors either the disc is damaged/defective (even if it plays fine) or your drive is dying.
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  10. It's is but it also did the same with older versions but only on this computer. Seem like it started when I connected my pinnacle tuner/capture device which I need more than this to work since it does work on three other machines I have. Thanks anyway. Back to the races.
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    Does this issue happen with all retail dvd movies on that computer?