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Generic Divx - AC3 6 Channel ???


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Jun 16, 2007
How do you setup the devices.ini to allow for 6 channel AC3 for Generic Divx. The DIVX process is so much easier and faster than most other programs I have tried, but it keeps converting my audio to Stereo and not
5.1. The audio source is AC3 5.1...

The first attempt made it MP3 Stereo, I realized i could edit the devices.ini and put in AC3 and up the bitrate, but it still converts to stereo. I tried adding "Channels=6" with no luck.

If possible I would like to add '- oac copy' to the command line of mencoder... and not change at all. Any way to do this?
yeah i'd like a bit more control over the mencoder command - that way we could get two-pass turned on.

there also doesn't seem to be a way to remove sound.

but despite promises we see no development on mobile.....