General Ripping questions (Technical)

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    I am ripping all my DVDs onto hard drives, and have the following questions:

    1) What's the difference between AnyDVD's "Rip to hardrive" funcitonality and using CloneDVD to create DVD files on the hard drive? (I've had some failures using the AnyDVD only)?

    2) When I rip with the settings to remove everthing but the movie, why do I get 5 or 6 idetically sized (1.2GB) files?

    3) If I rip and deselect the 2 channel or the 6 channel, what is the impact when I play back?


    - Matt
  2. Clams

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    1. The CloneDVD2 ripper is a better ripper is all.
    2. Most rippers break the movie into 1 gig chunks - normal standard.
    3. Only the audio tracks you keep selected will be available on your rip - so choose wisely and test if in doubt.

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    General Ripping Question

    Usually the audio AC-3/6 will be the main movie audio and AC-3/2 will be a director's commentary or other extra soundtrack. Deselecting unneeded audio (like ditching the commentaries) will make a *significant* improvement in video quality as audio takes up a *lot* of space (and the more audio you are compressing , the less space there is to compress the video). Here is a link to an excellent and clear, step-by-step general guide on AnyDVD and CloneDVD compiled in 2003, but the "how to" of it is still valid (by the way, the guide would make a great addition to the AnyDVD/CloneDVD main site as initial instructions for those new to the programs if arrangements could be made with the author). Here's the link: