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Games that dont work with current GJ

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by Anakha56, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. Anakha56

    Anakha56 Well-Known Member

    So lets be proactive and give a list of current games that dont work with the latest copy of GJ...

    Supreme Commander: Have tried everything under the sun but it still wont work.

    Test Drive Unlimited: Cant even launch the game as it detects GJ running.

    Command and Conquer 3: According to Thraxas it does not work either...

    Any other games that currently dont work? Maybe with this thread going we can get the dev's working on a fix for them now? Please?;)
  2. Yard Waste

    Yard Waste Well-Known Member

    Why can't people just wait until the release then start asking for revisions ect. These games just might already be addressed.:doh:

    As a general observation, there appears to be a complete lack of patience and understanding by a number of the owners that purchased from the former makers of the the utility. Slysoft is a great company the keeps their various software utilities updated frequently, sometimes a few times a month and even weekly. Problems are quickly addressed and rectified. I know because I ready own their stuff. Chill out!!! When it is released, I am sure that it will work better than ever.:agree:
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2007
  3. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Wait until Game Jackal is actually released by Slysoft please. Also, when you do start listing games, run Protect ID first (or something), and list the type of copy protection type and version that are on the discs.

    If you're experiencing issues with GJ send a ticket in here: http://www.gamejackal.com/support/
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2007

    SHARKMEAT Active Member

    C&C 3 works as long as it is 1.0, and with image checked............but if you want to play online you need the 1.2 patch, and that is were the problem starts with playing C&C3 it dosen't like the restrictions built in the new patch....EA also put a 30 FPS cap on the game
  5. incognito

    incognito Member

    supcom worked for me. Plus the first patch that they released, removed the disc security check anyway. GJ is not even required.
  6. Mike89

    Mike89 Well-Known Member

    Game Jackel never could crack any game using Starforce copy protection.
  7. BadIronTree

    BadIronTree Active Member

    game jackal never crack anything....

    it does not change any files!

    its an emulator....

    You play the game 2-3 times and GJ read and copy the "info" that is needed from the cd to start the game...

    so if you remove the cd.... the game "read" the info that it need from the Gj folder

    they had plans for starforce but since UBISOFT droped the protection its now a low target :p
  8. incognito

    incognito Member

    Ubisoft, dropped Starforce? Really!?!? If that's true, this is excellent news for my game center! Where did you hear/ read this?
  9. Bifford

    Bifford Member

    It was announced in April last year LOL :D

    Do a search on any search engine for ubisoft Starforce and you'll read all about it in various places. Hell, it even got onto the wiki heheh.

    Starforce is as bad as Norton antivirus - once it's on your system it's screwed. There's no way out except to reinstal from scratch. Nasty.

  10. Mike89

    Mike89 Well-Known Member

    I used the wrong word when I said, "cracked". I know very well how Game Jackel worked, I had it.

    I'll re-phrase. Game Jackel did not work on any Starforce protected games.
  11. sheep

    sheep Well-Known Member

    Good comparison and its so true ;-)
  12. InTheFlow

    InTheFlow Well-Known Member

    I had varieous problems with Starforce myself. The main issue (that I noticed anyway) was that while it was on my system, it wouldn't allow me to update the firmware for my burner.

    Anyways, just wanted to mention that you actually can get it off w/o reinstalling the OS. You have to go into the registry, remove some entries & then find and delete about 3 files off your system. Then it really is gone.

    If interested, boycottstarforce.net has a nice how-to that I was able to successfully follow.
  13. Loonie

    Loonie Well-Known Member

    As sharkmeat says, C&C3 works great out of the box for GJ, but patching it (required for online play) soon puts a stop to that. It looks horribly like that wretched SecuROM crud again.

    And yes, Ubi has dropped Starforce.
  14. sYk0

    sYk0 New Member

  15. Kilgore87

    Kilgore87 Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Apr 5, 2007
  16. sYk0

    sYk0 New Member

    Like i said above, I tested it with Silent Hunter 4 v1.1 which has SecuROM 7.32.009 and it worked...

    I'n not sure if it will work with C&C 3 v1.3, did you try it?

    If it does not work post here and i'll update the plugin ;)...
  17. Kilgore87

    Kilgore87 Well-Known Member

    i've tried it, hasn't worked with 1.3 c&c 3
  18. Loonie

    Loonie Well-Known Member

    Actually, I've managed to test it on this PC and I seem to have got it to work.

    I found you have to create a new profile, but don't specify an executable or tell it to automatically launch the game. Then, when the profile is running, insert the disk and start CNC3.EXE from explorer, or the start menu or whatever (do NOT launch it from GJ itself. If you let GJ launch the game, SuckuROM moans about it).

    When you exit the game, you will need to deactivate the C&C3 profile (right-click and select it from the systray icon). GJ will then do its usual profile finalizing stuff.

    You should then have yourself a working profile. But remember, you need to start the profile (from a GJ shortcut, or from GJ itself) and then launch the game independently of GJ for the profile to work, or... or, well, it won't work.

    Also remember to allow a few seconds after starting the profile before launching the game, so the profile has time to kick in.

    So, it's a slight inconvenience in that you can't use the convenience of a GJ shortcut to launch the game (I love those things, so seamless), but at least it works. I'm not sure if this would work without the plugin, I shall find out tonight on my laptop. But my initial test has been promising. Good job, sYk0.

    Long live Game Jackal!
  19. Kilgore87

    Kilgore87 Well-Known Member

    loonie's procedure only works with the plugin installed. just goes to show that gamejackal can actually survive with just it's fans. let's hope the new release will come out soon.
  20. Loonie

    Loonie Well-Known Member

    I'm creating a little exe file for launching a GJ profile, then after a delay, launching the game exe, 'cause I like having a single shortcut. The only thing I can't do is shut the GJ profile down when the game quits (one of the things I like about GJ's shortcuts is the way they run GJ, launch the game and then close GJ when it's finished).

    In fact, while I've been typing this, I've thought of a possible way to do this. I'll have to experiment some more. Once I finish work.
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