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Discussion in 'GameJackal Compatibility List' started by Tom, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. Tom

    Tom Redfox Team Member Staff Member

    Hi all,

    We wanna set up a GJ compatibility list on To create the list, we need the help of our customers.

    The general rule of GJ is
    • All Safedisc games work.
    • All Securom games work.
    • Microsoft games work (a lot of the copy protection used by MS is proprietary).
    • Tages games work (as of v3.1).
    • No Starforce games work (we are working on this issue).

    Please post your experiences with different games here, so we'll keep the list updated, based on this forum.

    Make sure you post the manufacturer, game title, version and language.

    Thanks a lot!
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