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Game Jackal works on my desktop but not on my laptop???

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Aug 26, 2007

I am running Game Jackal trial on my desktop PC and have successfully created working profiles for most of my games. However, I also want to set up my laptop in the same way, but for some reason all the games for which I have created profiles so far still require the DVD/CD disc to be inserted at startup through the Game Jackal application. So far I have created profiles on the laptop for the following games:

Hitman 2
Doom 3

On my laptop, all of the above request the game disc to be inserted and all seem to result in the same pattern of log entries in the Profile, Collection and Proc Monitor Files (see below). In contrast, all 3 games run without any problems on my desktop PC through Game Jackal.

I am running Game Jackal Release v2.9.18.570 on both the desktop and the laptop.

The spec for my laptop is as follows:

Toshiba Satellite P10
Pentium 4 3ghz HTT
1 gig RAM
Optical Drive - Toshiba SD-R6112 (CD 24x Rd, 16x Wr) (DVD 3x Rd, 2x Wr)
No virtual drives running and no known packet writing software running
No firewall, antivirus running
Windows XP Home SP2 32Bit. Software platform recently restored from factory discs and full MS windows update performed.

The following are examples of the content of the log files when I attempt to run any of the games via the profiles in Game Jackal:

[Proc Monitor.log]

Game Jackal log file - Proc Monitor
Log date - 26/08/2007 10:15:12

No process found!
Driver request to shutdown profile with code 0
Process method used, monitored hitman2.exe


Game Jackal log file - Profile
Log date - 26/08/2007 10:15:11

Profile - Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin
Profile mode: 29748
Profile CP: 2
MaplomH: C:\Program Files\SlySoft\Game Jackal\MaplomH.dll
MaplomH loaded successfully.
Warning, external shutdown of driver detected!
Profile deactivated.


Game Jackal log file - Collection
Log date - 26/08/2007 10:15:12

Starting collection thread...
CP Flag = 2
Mode = 255
Exception occured!
Cannot open file "C:\Program Files\SlySoft\Game Jackal\Profile Library\39317-6294167708.ref". The system cannot find the file specified
Done, leaving collection thread...
Collection thread complete...

Anyone got any ideas about how to resolve this problem?
With the laptop try one of Maplom versions if you have one. I know people who have success with the older versions.

I do not know why but for some reason I can not get any games working on my daughters new lap top at all. A NEC with XP SP2.

But I have only had it for a few days now and still need to tinker a bit.

If I get anything going I will post again.

Cheers MarkL
Thanks MarkL.

I'm assuming the "Maplom" is a previous incarnation of the Game Jackal software. Any ideas where I might get a download?
Were the profiles created on the laptop? Looking over the log files, it seems that the profile is being shutdown by the GJ driver. This can happen if you are using a profile that was not created on the same machine (i.e. it has a different profile key).
Hi Matt.

The profiles were created on the laptop - not copied from another PC.

I saw the log entry I think you're referring to. I had previously thought that the driver was closed by a non GJ process due to the "Warning, external shutdown of driver detected!". However, in view of what you are saying, is it the process associated with the collection.log file that is closing the driver? - having first failed to load the profile?

Prompted by this line of thinking and the load failure reported in the collections.log file, I checked that profile library folder for the ref file. It seems that these files are missing (found them on the desktop OK) and I suspect that this is the underlying reason for the failure.

The question now is, why are the ref files not getting created? I'm assuming that they are supposed to be created when the profile starts.
Following on from my last post, I tried to create a new profile (Thief Deadly Shadows) and for some reason it created the ref file this time and the game works fine without the disc. I them went back to recreate the profiles for the other games and they too were miraculously fixed - ref file appeared when the profile was created.

The only thing I changed since I created the first batch of profiles a couple of days ago was the 'multi-processor options' in 'General Settings' which I changed to 'All Processors' from the default which was set to Processor 2 for GJ and 1 for the game. So I changed the setting back to its default to see if I could recreate the problem, but nothing doing - recreated a profile and it still works.

So. Many thanks to those that posted. I'm fixed now, although I dont really understand why.